Friday, March 16, 2012


I've been thinking of this topic for some time. A fair bit provoked by the recent allegations of racism remarks made by Luiz Suarez and John Terry. I don't know if they actually made those remarks, and if they did, were those remarks made in an attempt to insult/humiliate/affect their opponents. One thing I know is the world has gone a bit overboard with this whole attempt to uphold social righteousness.

I would like to look at racism as a football game:

A striker (victim) constantly gets rough treatment from the defender (aggressor).Without protection from the referee (governments/governing bodies) they will not be able to fairly perform up to what the game (society) expects of them.

There will be a few ways in which the game will pan out. The victim may 1) underperform due to the bullying/non-protection, 2) outperform the aggressor and surpass all expectations even without protection or 3) succumbs to the temptation of diving to regain some advantage over the aggressor.

As a society we always want to make the playing field level, so we have officials with laws to curb racism in all areas of our lives. But what if the perceived victim makes use of this to gain advantage? It is like a striker diving to get the defender into trouble. How will you feel when a defender from your favourite team gets sent off because of a dive? How will you feel if you are the defender? Definitely aggrieved but sometimes there's no way for the referee to make a correct decision. It's one person's allegations against another.

Although I've been making references to the game of football, actually I'm more concerned about the state of mankind at this point of time. More often than not we do whatever we can to get ahead in life. Did Suarez try to affect Patrice Evra's state of mind by using racist terms? Or did Patrice Evra try to get Suarez in trouble? I never remember seeing so many players diving to gain penalties or advantages (that includes Luiz Suarez). I guess it got something to do with the big money in the game.

That was a point in time when people were more honest, more hardworking, much simpler. Luiz Suarez may be full of tricks and exciting to watch but he will never take over the place of another Liverpool player who I truly admire - Robbie Fowler.

See this and you will know why...

That is what we are now, all chasing for glory and money. Even at my own workplace I see plenty of backstabbing and counter-stabbing to gain a step over the so-called adversary although we are all colleagues.

For me I just work hard at what I'm tasked to do. No matter your colour, your role or your title, I treat everyone the same. Yes sometimes I may offend my Malay colleagues when I say something wrong but that is the beauty of living in a multiracial society. We may not know everything about each other's religion but we  accommodate and understand. But of course there are still some who like to view the other race as though they are aliens.

If we are a better generation of the human race then perhaps there will not be so much attention being paid to racism because we will all be laughing at the color of our skin, and also laughing at those people who try to humiliate others using derogatory languages. But I don't see the human race evolving in that direction... Racism will be part and parcel of our society like airport body searches and people playing with their iPhone/iPads in wedding dinners...


Nath said...

people needs to understand that there's only 1 race: human race :)

WhiteDusk said...

Indeed. No one race should feel more superior than the other, nor should anyone feel inferior because of the color of their skin.

jamiessmiles said...

See, I have a few issues with your comparison. One, players choose to play the game and what positions they play to some extent. They also have the option to not play. The option out of playing at life is suicide. Life does not give you such choices. Also before you are on the field you are old enough to understand the rules. Racism does not have an age limit, height limit, weight limit.
Racism is not such a big deal here anymore. We are changing, evolving. In saying that suicides due to bullying is up up up. It's not a game. Regardless of how people bully it is a crisis right now with our young people. "dives" may happen on the field, but the dives I see coming from bigotry and prejudice are dives off bridges.

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