Thursday, April 19, 2012

$92k COE

I guess our decision to replace our Mazda 3 with a BMW 5-series several weeks ago did pay off quite handsomely. At that time the COE was $80k, now its $92k. It's expected to hit $120k in the near future. The COE value of our pre-owned BMW? Approximately $70k. At the rate its going, our car would have cost us $50k more.

Honestly the price we are paying for the car would have gotten us a big house with a garden in the States. And a nice car. Having 2 cars simply means that we could have retired in some 3rd world nation. So why are we slaves to our cars and apartments (selling which I can live quite well in M'sia)? I guess its all about accumulating enough passive income to let us retire comfortably in a place we are comfortable in.

The dream of a bigger house is gone (unless the crash in 2013 realizes), a new 3-series BMW convertible to replace the old (1-year-old) 1-series coupe will have to wait out until the COE drops, a new job also out of my mind since I feel I am on a path to something good. All I need to think about are golf clubs, new bowling balls, which movie to catch, where to bring my kids on weekends and which destination for our family holiday this year~

I have no complaints~

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