Saturday, April 21, 2012

Priorities in life

Been so caught up with the politics at work that I have forgotten about the people around me... And then on Thursday evening I suddenly woke up from my walking slumber to realise that I have been taking people around me for granted, especially my mum. Ever since I moved back to Singapore I have been so busy with my own priorities and now my work that I've neglected to think about her feelings.

During weekdays I leave my kid to her, during weekends I bring the family out without her (because she tends to her shop and has lots of other activities over Sats and Suns), and even when she's free on weekends I will end up having funbowl or golfing lessons.

So yesterday I had half day off and brought her and my uncle to yum cha at I12 Katong. It wasn't much, we didn't speak much except for things related to my son, and it was a simple 1hr lunch together. But I remembered to order chicken feet for her and I could tell that she was a bit happy that I did that.

Then yesterday I realised I had only $70+ in my bank account and had to request for my wife to transfer some money to me. It was terrible to not be able to withdraw any amount you want at any given time. But then again I've seen people (by peering over their shoulder...) with less than $50 in their bank account and couldn't withdraw any because the ATM machines only had $50 notes. Those who live from pay cheque to pay cheque.

Just today while I was having lunch, enjoying my kway chap and tea at the corner coffee shop, I caught this Malay kid not much older than 10 years old eating leftovers. He just walked up to the table, took up the spoon and started eating while standing. After he had his fill he just walked off, as if he was just another paying customer. I could have paid for his meal, hell I could have paid for all his meals today easily, but I didn't. And I didn't go forward to help.

Once again I'm so caught up in my little world of me me me that I have forgotten to peer outside the little box...


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing ^_^

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing ^_^

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