Friday, June 15, 2012

Volunteer work with HSBC - "All in a day's work"

After procrastinating and inaction, my company gave me the opportunity and use one working day to do social work. HSBC is one of our major customer and has an initiative called "All in a day's work" which strives to improve the studying conditions of needy children. We activated a serious team of various heads of departments and managing director to support their cause.

Waking up at 630am wasn't easy considering I have been watching Euro12 matches every night. But I managed, and caught the sunrise. It was the first time since moving to this place (its like we got this place for 2 years!) that I caught the sunrise. That really tells you I'm not an early bird. Tiong Bahru Plaza at 0730hrs where my boss, the other heads and the account manager for HSBC were having breakfast. The usual cock-talking before we made our way to a HDB podium in Bukit Merah View where we got the painting materials, some photo-taking and a talk by HSBC. A little surprising to hear that UOB was also taking part in this event. HSBC and UOB... social work knows no boundaries?

We drove to the site, carried the stuffs up, moved the furnitures out, painted, cleaned, had lunch, painted 2nd coat, cleaned the floor, had new furnitures from IKEA and Courts in, moved the old furnitures and stuffs in, I also made a few trips across the road to get new fan and mat for the baby to play on. We actually pooled a few hundred dollars among the volunteers and got the elder boy a new school bag and some food stuffs. My boss even bought a new fan for another family who lived 2 floors above the family we were helping.

I am really glad for this opportunity to use a working day to take part in such a great initiative. We were not only giving them assistance, but also giving the son a chance of doing better in life. Teaching a man to fish indeed. What I got at the end of the day were the memories of the event, a real appreciation of the things I have in life and also a smelly t-shirt from HSBC(which my dogs love!).

Coming home I spent the good remainder of the day spending quality time with my boy. He's grown to be a real naughty boy and quite a handful at times. But I wouldn't want it to be any other way~

Go out, sign up and participate in such initiatives. I have lots more respect for my fellow colleagues after today because I see all of them walking around HDB corridors without any footwear, getting paint all over and sweating it out. End of the day the joy inside your heart is really something~

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