Saturday, September 1, 2012

3 months later...

And I am alive, kicking and very much still stuck in the same company... I wonder how I wonder why... In exactly 1 month I would have survived 1 year in this corporation. When I look back at my first job, I had already settled down nicely 1 year on. 2nd job in HK took me a bit more time because my portfolio doubled. I'd say it took me 2 years to settle nicely. Present portfolio is probably double of that so it will take be 3-4 years? I do hope to settle in within the next 6 to 12 months... although I seriously believe its impossible.

Audits, Lemon law, merger integration, personnel issues... Sometimes Most of the time I feel out of breath. I'm still learning to curb my emotions at work but that's not my style of working. Over time I realized that I have become one of those cold and distant managers I've come to hate over the years. Time to reinvent myself... again...

The energy that keeps me going is my little boy. He makes such a difference to my life! Work is crap but whenever I think of him it keeps me going and looking forward to knocking off. The little guy is not only walking but also running, climbing, dancing and doing all sorts of funny actions. He picks up bad habits and commands so fast I'm constantly amazed by him!

Bowling is still great. Still learning things along the way. Still waiting for Sam to install the LED lights into my ball. That's going to be the most awesome looking ball on the lanes! HAH! If Sam starts to drill it for me that is... Bowling 190 averages... I feel like I've found the timing and stance I like, my pin-10 spares conversion rate is pretty high... now to keep it consistent.

Maybe an update in another 3 months?

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