Monday, October 1, 2012

We work to live or live to work?

Ever so often I hear or see from somewhere the very same question - "Do we work to live or live to work?" 

I chanced up this explanation from today (Link here):
Live to Work: Certain people, it is said, live to work. This is shorthand for saying that their lives center on their work or careers, and that achievement in their professions is a major source of satisfaction and meaning in their lives. Money may or may not be a major motivation for these people. In some cases, achieving huge levels of pay (as is the case with many senior corporate executives, such as CEOs) is coveted more as a means of keeping score and proving your relative worth versus other people, than it is for the money itself.
Work to Live: By contrast, other people work to live. These people view their work or careers largely as toil whose purpose is to earn a living. Their real interests lie elsewhere, and their work or careers are only means to an end, not an end in itself. Some of these people try to cut corners, to gain the maximum pay for the minimum of effort. Others do indeed take great pride in their work, and put great effort in doing their jobs well, but their jobs simply are not the centers of their lives.
Honestly speaking I don't really know where I stand. I believe that I lean towards the Work to Live category. I work hard, try to do whats right and best for the company I work for, but end of the day I aim for that big pay package so that my family can live well. At times I don't really bother about how much I get paid as long as I get paid fair enough for the roles I take. Just don't be too unfair to me~

Recently I have other thoughts. What if the work I do is not the one for me? Sure we work for a living but surely work can be better? I shouldn't work just for the sake of that paycheck. But how much are we willing to lose so as to pursue our ideals? I know of couples who risk stable careers to venture into the wild, just to return as an employee after their business failed to take off after 1-2 years. 

We only live once " we shouldn't cock up" or " we should try everything before we die". It's a double-edged sword. And the stakes are higher when you have mortgages to pay and children to bring-up. And more often than not we will continue to procrastinate until the chances are gone... it's like the property we failed to buy 2 years ago or the stocks we failed to pick. All because of fear~ But even now that I have a job I am procrastinating on money-making ventures. I mean, even if I fail I will still have my paycheck to cover the losses, right? So why ain't I making the moves? The fear of failing or just simply too lazy? I'm still finding out for myself...

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