Saturday, January 5, 2013

Change... its a constant

Its been 3 months since my last post. 2 years since I left HK. I can't help but realize that I have experienced so many changes to my life in the last 1 year. Some change are good, some a bit more stressful than others. Working in a company that's been struggling with M&A integration definitely is not helping...

Over the last few weeks I got to go through the see-saw emotions of losing my car, moving into a gorgeous rental apartment, and as I type, working through a warehouse merger that's squeezed tight on space due to poor inventory management by the product managers. Even though I took a 5 days break in Taipei with my family back in December, the year-end closing and the warehouse relocation project was on the back of my mind all the time. Sometimes I felt as if I wasn't there...

On the job side I might have an opportunity with a Singapore holding company as the CIO. Salary range sounds good (>30%?) and the scope definitely excites me more than my present job. But then there's always the worry of working for a Singapore company... then again my present company behaves much like a Singapore company so... yeah why not? I worked till 10pm on new year's eve and 8-9pm on a few days each week. It seems like there's no down time throughout the year. Work late when business is bad, work late when business is good. A change of environment might be good. More pay + more family time will be deeply appreciated.

Seriously there's really nothing to my job. But then again I'm not sure how another person can take the amount of shit I go through week in week out....

On the health arena I dare say alot has improved since my last trip to HK. I had 2 sessions within 4 days with the Master and I dare say the condition has improved alot! I've not been getting those killing headaches and if they do strike its really mild. Previously it was so bad even after 2 tablets of panadol extra I had to lie down, now I only need 1 and I can continue to work as per normal. For that I am really grateful to that Master.

Oh... and a happy 2013 to all~

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