Thursday, February 13, 2014

Restart the job hunt!

After 2 years I guess it was about time I left. So I threw in my resignation letter in Oct and packed my bags in end Jan 2014, without a new job waiting for me. Seriously my wife earns nearly 30% more than me but she doesn't get a 3-month notice period for her job! It wasn't as if I was more brave than others or what in my decision but that 3-month notice period was a major stumbling block in getting a new job before I leave one.

However, 2 years (with 2014 looking like a third year) of endless politics fought by people who seems more intent on bringing the company down to the ground had taken its toil on me. How long more do I stay in a job I detest and do not see a future in?

One can argue that the market hasn't been kind to the IT industry, and that margins are going down. Sure... but I would expect director-level management team to understand that cost of staff and services have risen as well. I have BU heads and directors coming to me questioning me why we spent as much as before for logistics when our sales are down. Its not as if I never explained to them that customers are buying less and we were actually delivering to more customers in smaller volumes, but they chose to ignore these messages. Diverting attention when they cannot meet sales numbers... *yawnz* and I couldn't be bothered to tell them that the cost could easily be 30% more if I had not revised the rates with the 3PL... oh well~~

PC and laptop makers are finding it tough to survive in this environment. Sony is the next to give up their laptop business.Whereas in the past you will see ppl fighting for free internet surfing PCs at airports, nowadays most people will just tap onto the free wifi and update their Facebook status. Students used to play Counterstrike on the PC and now they just download whatever free game they can get on their iPhone and they have as much fun contesting in real time.

I still believe that everyone need a good PC/laptop because its definitely more productive to work on one than an iPad but the margins and volume just ain't there anymore and its killing the makers. I have no solution for the laptop and PC industry but I do hope that the prices will come down some more so I can get a really good ultrabook soon~~ Perhaps that can wait until I get a job first...

Jobhunt started 2 weeks ago but I already spent the last week in Hokkaido so not much has been done. Part of me says go for a regional job while another tells me to look in HK. I believe the HK option is tough to pull off since I will not bear to leave Baby J in Singapore... But I may try and see if anything comes up~~ then we will decide if anything concrete comes along bah~~

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