Thursday, April 10, 2014

A new beginning...

And I start work next Monday morning with a Japanese MNC. I myself am not surprised that I ended up joining a Japanese corporation again, its just the whole journey has been such a tumultuous trip.

After my holiday to Hokkaido in early February (which wasn't without its moments!) I started my job hunt. When I thought I've gotten a job by early March and supposed to start work in late March. Then just 2-3 days before I was supposed to start work I received a call telling me that the employing company has killed off the project and the headcount will be rescinded.

Well... It felt like scoring the winning away goal in a 2-legged final and then having that shot ruled out for offside. From the highs of winning the world cup to the lows of watching others holding the cup. Alot of self-doubt, self-pity, anguish, anger and disappointments came into the picture in a very short time. It felt worst when the day of my "commencement date" came and go.

And for the week after that I had practically nothing coming my way except e-mails telling me my profile doesn't fit etc etc. From the edge of depression (or I was already in depression?) I drew some energy and gained focus on the job search (Just don't ask me how I managed to crawl myself out of that!).

1) I rewrote my resume. Learnt a few things along the way based on questions asked by HR managers or job agents when they call me up. That probably means my CV was not descriptive enough.
2) I continued to send out tens of resumes everyday but I also opened myself to areas which was not my favourite/comfort domain (sales / purchase planning etc).
3) I also became open to the option of relocating back to HK, and gotten some contacts from my former classmates in HKUST to help
4) I spent the remainder of my time designing a website for our bowling league team

Thankfully enough within a week I got 2-3 interviews lined-up. Not all of them fitted me to a T but nearly all of them require some Japanese language abilities. Eventually I signed up with one which offered me a regional role. And before I signed on they revised the package to a level which is slightly higher than my last job but the annum package will probably be significantly higher. To be honest at one point of time I was wondering if I should have taken a pay cut.

And after I committed to them, another job which has been pending since mid-March (same period as the rescinded project) called back and told me the MD will be coming from Japan to revise their budget and probably make me the offer by the end of April. Obviously I'm going to sign for the job which arranged for interview, conducted the interview, made the offer and even revised the offer upwards all within 1 week. Its not just a matter of patience on my part but also knowing the fact that my employing manager is able to make and influence these type of decisions in such notice will have an impact on my work in future.

I'm really looking forward to this job. A regional role means being a superman. Its been 7 years since I've been required to travel long distances regularly but I'm looking forward this time. In tiny Singapore there's no way to grow if I'm always looking within the domestic market. Its too damn small.

Lessons learnt from this episode:
1) Think twice twice thrice about jobs with 3-month notice period. Very important factor. Present job has a 1-month notice period.
2) Think thrice thrice thrice about quitting a job without another lined up. While I was confident of getting another job, I wasn't aware that the uncertainty would have such an effect on my mental state.
3) Don't be depressed. It's just that the right job has not come by. Just adhere to points 1 and 2 above.

Good luck to ex-fellow job-seekers out there!

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