Friday, September 1, 2017

Hokuriku Tour Part 2 - Toyama + Takaoka

Day 3 - Toyama
The 3 seniors wanted to see some tulip, so we had to travel to Takaoka city to Tonami Tulip Park. We started the day traveling out of Kanazawa. With the Hokuriku Pass we could get onto any train from Tokyo to Osaka on the Hokuriku line. We had to get to Shin-Takaoka station before changing to the Johana line to reach our destination.

On a local train it would have taken us 1 hour, but using the Shinkansen or the bullet train, it was merely a 13-minute ride~ Really not enough time to settle down before we got to get off. From Shin-Takaoka station we had to use a local train to get to our destination.

Being the midst of summer, the weather wasn't great for tulip viewing... I mean... a walk in the park in the middle of the day was not really my type of vacation but the 3 seniors really enjoyed taking pictures of flowers and various scenery in the park. I guess this trip wasn't about me anyway...

Tonami Tulip Park seemed like a nice place to just chill and enjoy a beer... provided its in spring or autumn! After spending around an hour in the park, we got the information counter to book a taxi for us as we wanted to catch the next local train. We promptly caught the next train on the Johana line back to Takaoka station. On the same line, but north of Takaoka station, it is the Himi line. Whereas Johana line showed you rows and rows of plantation the Himi line was the coastline.

We eventually settled for the sleepy seaside town of Himi. As it was lunch time, we decided on a simple shop situated along the shopping street.

A lunch and a stroll later, we went back onto the tracks and headed towards Takaoka.

越中中川 Et-chu Nakagawa Station

What's 3 old men queueing up for???

Of course... with this weather...
After grabbing a nice soft cone upon reaching Takaoka, we ventured towards 高岡古城公園 Takaokakojo Park. One can imagine how beautiful the remaining site of this old castle will look with sakura season is in full bloom. Unfortunately it was summer... and it was full of pokemon hunters... I still feel a bit of envy for those local residents who have such a nice big park in their neighbourhood~

From the park we decided to walk back to the train station, from where we will ride back to Shin-Takaoka-san station, transfer to the Shinkansen 新幹線 back to Kanazawa. Our plan was to catch the fireworks display along the Sai River in Kanazawa that evening!

The crowd was crazy, the evening was hot and the walk was 30-minutes long... but the festivities and fireworks sure made the hard work worth it. Fireworks in Japan are always wonderful~ Because there's always food stalls, plenty of beer and girls in summer yutaka!

Having our year's fill of fireworks, we left the fireworks display midway through and started our walk back to town to avoid the crowd. We settled on another decent looking izakaya for dinner this night as the guys really enjoyed the previous night's dinner. I myself loved the local food so no complaints from me~

Glorious fishes!

Maguro (Tuna) cheek~ 

Apparently a local dish called Sakura Prawn Yakisoba - really nice!

Food in Kanazawa was too good and too cheap (yeah... nothing's too cheap but...). But all good things must end and the next day we will move our base out of Kanazawa~

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