Saturday, August 30, 2008

The White Knight

Surfing net on my blackberry bold now. Here at Starbucks @ Elements. Just watched The Dark Knight at The Grand's Starsuite theatre. Business-class seats, popcorn and a selection of drinks, decent deal at hkd140/pax. Sound system was pretty cool. Movie was exhaustingly long but really exceptional pacing and acting make it the best ever Batman movie for me. Highly recommended, for both the cinema and the show.

Went round to the foot massage spa @ mongkok last night. Really nice interior and the massage was pretty good. Would love to get my ears dug but no luck at the place. For the same price we could have the whole deal w/ a body massage in Shenzhen! Oh well, perhaps another time...

Pretty rough week for me at work... Again something to do with HR and their treatment of staff. I suspect my bonus was capped at 12% increase from last year. Nothing of this sort happened to my staff since all of them are pretty happy. In terms of value my bonus increased 12% as compared to last. In terms of percentage, it took a 5% beating. You'd expect a good appraisal and a healthy bonus on a promotion year...

It's fine. Now that the idiots here know that I'm not happy with EVERYTHING, maybe there will be some fun to be had... Worst comes to worst I still have 2 condominiums to sell...

Anyone out there looking for an I.T. and/or logistics manager, specialising in EDI, WMS, bar-coding systems(QR, 2D, linear), MSSQL, speaks 4 languages(eng,mand,canton,jap) with a 2-year work permit in HK?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blogging via blackberry

This blackberry is really useful for blogging. One complaint though... The 8707g gave me a better typing experience but I just can't figure out why...

Are you Bold enough?

Just gotten my hands on a trial set of the new Blackberry Bold. First look it is absolutely a beauty, with a much better color display when compared to the 8707g. Navigation is also quite nifty with the trackball. But what I like most about this trial set is the free sports channels~ I can catch Premier League action wherever I go! Absolutely wonderful~ Now all I need to do is to install Live Messenger for BB...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bye Bye Beijing~

2 weeks of sports. Over. Endless hours in front of the blackbox. Over. Back to same old routine of work, eat, serial dramas and sleep. A typhoon next week ain't too bad either.

Great job by the Chinese team, collecting over 50 gold medals. Interesting to note that China did not win anything gold from team sports. Games that require players to pass the ball. I guess it has something to do with the return on investment. One diver can win 1-2 gold medals. 12 basketball players can only win 1. Very smart investment if you ask me.

There's an upcoming documentary on TVB Pearl this Friday called Little Big Dreams. It tells the story of children between 3-10 being sent to boarding schools, hoping to make it as a gymnast. They cried when they won the gold medal, and who can blame them? Just watching a few shots from the trailer was heartbreaking enough for me... Singapore winning a gold? No way... Singaporeans will never let their children go through these type of training...

For me, sports is an evil in itself. Without sports (or exercise), we turn into tired fat monsters. With sports, we get tired and aches all over our body. When Liverpool nearly lost, I cursed and swear at those overpaid stars. When Carraghar scored in the 85th minute, I added "except Carraghar" to the end of my curse. And when Gerrard scored in the 94th minute, I adore sports and think he's disgustingly underpaid!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gone Typhoon, Get Smart and watch Misia in HK~

Typhoon came aknocking. And I do mean knocking. The rain and wind smashed against the building so hard that the building was swaying from side to side. A 48-storey building swaying, and I stay on the 31st! Was it scary? More motion-sickness inducing than anything. The impact of the gale smashing into the glass windows wss scarier. Glad its all over, thought I suspect its not going to be the last for this year...

With the sky all washed clean by the recent typhoons we made our way to Elements to watch Get Smart. Loved the seats with their vibration and wide passage between rows. The movie was funny, drawing many familiar sights from the tv-box. Its great watching brainless movies, just the antidote for a poisonous workweek.

And just as we left the cinema I caught a song by Misia playing in one of the theatres. Then I remembered that Misia will be coming to HK. Went to 360, bought some baby lobsters, baby potatoes and half a roast chicken for dinner before coming home. First thing I did was to book the tickets for Misia's concert on 4th Oct 2008. Only Japanese concert I attended in Singapore was Chage & Aska. Watched L'Arc~En~Ciel, and now Misia here in HK. Also caught Lee Hom, Jacky Cheung and Kenny Bee. Really great thing about HK is the unlimited selection of good concert.

Watching the synhronized swimming even of the Beijing Olympics now. Amazing how they can stay underwater for so long. I can do it, but someone will probably have to dig me out from the bottom of the pool after the event...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Baby~ Stormy Baby~

Typhoon Nuri will probably hit HK today. Hit. On the dot. Straight on. Probably be a warning signal no.10 tonight. Here's praying that no buildings will collapse. Sme structures and scaffolding have already folded... Probably a signal no.9 or even a 10 tonight. This will be the strongest typhoon ever for me. Luckily we have enough food to tide us through~

Talking about a storm, a small storm unlike the maid levy fiasco nearly blew across Singapore. In the recent National Day Rally by the PM, a range of benefits for new parents were announced. 16-weeks paid leave, week long parenting leave, subsidised IVF treatment and other perks were announced to promote childbirth. Unfortunately they were slated for 1st Jan 2009. That left alot of unhappy pregnant mums out of the equation. And then, like some fairy god mother appeared, before any petition reached the PM's office they revised the date to 17th Aug 2008, the day of the Rally.

If you are a government and you are in control, there's as many as 1001 ways to make your citizens happy, to promote childbirth, to relieve inflation. Cannot say the same of the leaders in HK since they are led around by a leash by the mainland and the mega-corporations... Of course, the government in Singapore don't have to fend off typhoons either~

On a different note, went for a cocktail organised by the American Chamber of Commerce at a club in Lan Kwai Fong. You won't know its there unless you got its address and know its on the 2nd floor since its out of the main ring of LKF. The setup of the club wasn't unlike DBL-O in Singapore but since it was a networking event I think they turned on a few more lights than usual. I guess DBL-O would have looked like that if they had that many lights on...

People from banking, financial, insurance... pretty boring mix if you ask me. Didn't get to know alot of people except 2 HK guys and a French lady. 95% of the women smoked. Super turnoff for alot of guys I know, even people-watching for me was less satisfying when I saw them puffing away. At least we got ourselves great seats to people-watch and chat between ourselves~ Should try to visit a few more clubs whilst I'm still here in HK, listen to different music, admire the decors and people-watch more~

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Typhoon Nuri on its way~

Nothing for 3 years and when I've decided I'm leaving HK, 3 typhoons come along... As if they are telling me that I will get what I wished for before I leave this place. When I first came to HK and read the staff handbook, I wished for 1 typhoon a year. 3 years 3 typhoons, albeit all being delivered in the last year... Fair enough...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Will you go back?

Picked up a call which wasn't meant for me. It was the Admin and HR Manager from the company in Singapore. She was the person who gave me the 1st round of recruitment interview before I joined this company in 2003. Nothing much I can remember of her except she also sat me down for an hour long chat when I left the company. The conversation started with how I am doing in HK to my plans for the future. I had no problems in telling her that I am considering leaving HK in the near future. Then she asked the magic question "Will you come back to work in Singapore branch?"

I'm not sure if she was being polite but it sure got me thinking. What if they offered me a delicious post in SG Branch after I tender my resignation? I'm pretty sure I will not take it up. My mind is dead set on doing my studies next year. But what if the offer extends till after my MBA studies? I guess I will have to compare them with whatever the market has to offer at that point of time, yeah? But what if they offer me a crazy package? Unlikely to happen... but then again its not unheard of... Then I will really be in a dilemma...

We work for a living. I study because I want a better living for the family. And if I can get a very good living for the family without studying, then why should I go for studies? I know the answer. Simply because I want to study full-time for a year. I prefer studying full-time. But isn't that simply being selfish? But we only live once and I would really like to fully enjoy and experience the process of studying.

Of course there's no offer on the table since I haven't even tendered my resignation. It was all casual talk. All daydreaming on my part...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cheap and Good Hotels in HK

You know there's never such a thing in HK but here's my limited list. You will notice that most of them are on my side of the SAR and not on HK island itself.

1) Stanford - Smack right beside Ladies Street Market, heard it has a toilet big enough for chihuahuas. Convenient location and cheap rates.

2) Prudential - Above Jordan MTR station. Walking distance to TST. Cost slightly more than Stanford and I suspect the rooms are slightly bigger as well.

3) 新天地 - Beside Mong Kok MTR. Small hotel. Never knew the exact rates but according to this site, its pretty competitive.

4) Mingle - The Mingle chain of boutique hotels. Decently priced and offering options in TST and HK Central. Marketed as a boutique hotel. Never stayed in one before.

5) Bridal Tea House - For people on a tight budget. Lots of location to choose from. You ain't staying in the hotel for long anyway, right?

Of course if there are any other recommendations do feel free to drop a comment! I will update the list~

For all the freedom in HK...

You want freedom? Try doing anything (people usually do) in any of the parks in London. You want to see anti-freedom? Try doing the same things in any of the parks in HK. It's a big slap in the face for the cries of freedom in HK. Much like the overrated fake democracy around the place, freedom is really limited to whatever... limited space you get.

When legal activities in which doesn't affect others are being restricted in public spaces, you really need to think long and hard if these public spaces need to be renamed as something else...

From Gweipo's blog, see this website regarding the Freedom Ball project which aims to change the way public spaces and parks are being managed.

Freedom is another way of saying "I want to do something which is not allowed".

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Message to TVB and ATV, and the traffic police

Kudos to TVB and ATV for the coverage of the games, but can you show every match of the US basketball team? That will be lovely.

Also, can you rotate the shift of the hostesses in the broadcast studio? I would like to have 鄭裕玲 in the morning, since I will not be able to see her when I work during the weekdays. Then I would like to have 楊思琦, 張嘉兒 and 李思雅 covering the night shift. All of them don't know what they are doing most of the time, but 3 ex-Miss HK ladies with little to say versus 1 overpowering TVB veteran... easy choice.

As for the HK traffic police, I know that it is indicated in the police Traffic Procedures Manual to let drivers off when they are caught with anything below 27mg of alcohol/100ml of breath (even though the legal limit is only 22mg/100ml), but don't you people ever question the need to enforce the law as per... the law?

Never believe the laws you read in HK. Enforcement have a different set of rules... What a disgrace...

Movie Review - Journey to the Centre of the Earth

With S being such a big fan of Brendan Fraser's movies, no doubt we will be rushing to watch the 2nd summer blockbuster from this funny guy. And this time I spent like HKD110/tix to watch it in 3D at The Grand Cinema (Elements, West Kowloon).

Review of the cinema, since its my first show there. The Grand contains 12 cinemas, including the Standard Chartered Starsuite located above the ice-skating rink in Elements. Nice comfortable leather seats which vibrate with the highs of the show. Spacious between rows allowing me to walk back from the toilet without stepping on feet or get my balls knee-ed. Nothing I don't like about the place but I suspect that particular theatre is different (That particular house is called the Manhatten Galaxy and usually cost HKD10-20 more for normal shows). Might try the SC Starsuite(HKD140) next but seats are usually hard to get with the summer holidays on.

The show, shown in 3D, was quite a treat. With 3D shows you will usually get more 3D computer animation than real-life casts, and that applies to this show as well. Somehow watching it in 3D got us more into the show, as if we could touch the birds flying out of the screen or the T-rex drooling on us. And like most Brendan Fraser shows, it is an adventure show with alot of wild-rides and that-cannot-be-real stunts, with one part bringing the whole cinema on a roller-coaster ride. Everything was complimented nicely by the vibrating seats and the 3D effects.

I would recommend everyone to give this flick a go. Watching it in 3D is definitely a treat.

Rating : 8/10

Friday, August 15, 2008

Well done Ping Pong Ladies~

Singapore has done it~ 1st medal in 48 years. Officially this is the first since independance. No matter what others say, I must congratulate this Singapore team in bringing back a medal. 5 exciting matches, too many excitement for me.

Yes we may have imported talents but so does many of the other table-tennis teams. Most nations field a team made up of Chinese-born players and nearly half of all female players are Chinese. At least this team made it to the final, unlike the Chinese teams representing Austria, America, Dominican Republic and Holland~ Now let's cheer them on and hope they bring back the gold!

On another note, I must say I thoroughly enjoy the cantonese commentary for the Olympics. The Chinese team is going up agains the US in women's volleyball. When the Chinese lifted the ball over the net gifting the US an easy spike, the commentator said something like this :"有一片叉烧自己不吃,送给别人吃." Cute... real cute...

Representation in the Olympics

The below was taken from the Olympics Charter :

42 Nationality of Competitors*

1. Any competitor in the Olympic Games must be a national of the country of the NOC which is entering such competitor.

2. All disputes relating to the determination of the country which a competitor may represent in the Olympic Games shall be resolved by the IOC Executive Board.
Olympic Charter In force as from 7 July 2007

Bye-law to Rule 42
1. A competitor who is a national of two or more countries at the same time may represent either one of them, as he may elect. However, after having represented one country in the Olympic Games, in continental or regional games or in world or regional championships recognised by the relevant IF, he may not represent another country unless he meets the conditions set forth in paragraph 2 below that apply to persons who have changed their nationality or acquired a new nationality.

2. A competitor who has represented one country in the Olympic Games, in continental or regional games or in world or regional championships recognised by the relevant IF, and who has changed his nationality or acquired a new nationality, may participate in the Olympic Games to represent his new country provided that at least three years have passed since the competitor last represented his former country. This period may be reduced or even cancelled, with the agreement of the NOCs and IF concerned, by the IOC Executive Board, which takes into account the circumstances of each case.

3. If an associated State, province or overseas department, a country or colony acquires independence, if a country becomes incorporated within another country by reason of a change of border, if a country merges with another country, or if a new NOC is recognised by the IOC, a competitor may continue to represent the country to which he belongs or belonged. However, he may, if he prefers, elect to represent his country or be entered in the Olympic Games by his new NOC if one exists. This particular choice may be made only once.

4. Furthermore, in all cases in which a competitor would be eligible to participate in the Olympic Games, either by representing another country than his or by having the choice as to the country which such competitor intends to represent, the IOC Executive Board may take all decisions of a general or individual nature with regard to issues resulting from nationality, citizenship, domicile or residence of any competitor, including the duration of any waiting period.

So we may see Michael Phelps swimming for Singapore in the next Olympics. Or maybe even the entire gymnastics team from China...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Made in Singapore...

Ok... I finally give in. I will give my little unimportant take on the foreign talents representing Singapore in the Olympics...

Firstly, they are representing Singapore. From the day they take up the sport of their choice till the day they represent Singapore they have given so much blood and sweat. The very least we can do is to support them. Even if they lose we must support them. Look at the table-tennis clash between Singapore and USA. 2 countries all Chinese. I'm sure the US crowd will cheer their team as much as they cheer on their 4x200 freestyle team. That's the way the sport is being played nowadays. Singaporeans should be more open.

The Singapore government is trying to put Singapore on the map on all aspects. Sports, education and arts after being so successful in business. It is not easy given the small pool of people and limited area to train in. Importing talent is the fastest method. By importing talent, local talent can also train with better players so as to raise their game. Why is China so powerful? Simply because they got a lot of sparring partners and enough soccer fields to pick their players from.

Of course, after writing all that above I also must say that given a choice, I would prefer all Singapore representatives to be born in Singapore. Or at least was bred in Singapore from the age of 1-12. Then we can proudly say that he/she came out of the Singapore system. Anything above 12 will be like recruiting mercenaries. Not fair to the athlete nor other local athletes.

Always easy to talk. Never easy to be a sportsman~

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Great Competition~

Quite a few great matchups over the last week. Here's a few which really caught my attention:

1) Basketball match between US & China, China and Spain. Looking forward to more US and China matches...

2) Mixed doubles badminton match between Great Britain pair and the Chinese. It was so close... but deservedly won by the Brits.

3) Volleyball match between Chinese and Cuba. Its on TV now but its going to be great no matter which way it goes~

A few matches which I would like to catch in full :
Basketball - US vs Spain
Soccer - Brazil vs Argentina
Tennis - Federer and Nadal

Was it me?

Someone asked me, "Is someone blogging for you?"

It's me and it has always been me! I may not speak alot of mandarin nor read alot of mandarin but I'm well and capable of writing some simple mandarin, especially on the computer (Thank God for the PC... who can remember all the strokes after all these years?). And no, I have no western friend who reads my blog that I hate/hates me. If such a person exists then my choice to write in a different language will be an act of cowardice.

I'm writing in Chinese and Japanese because I feel like it. And I feel that I can convey my thoughts and feelings best in the selected language. I'm most comfortable with English (by no means saying that my English is excellent) but sometimes I cannot find the inspiration to write in English.

Recently as I am pondering about my life here in HK and my life as a whole, many of the thoughts came out in Chinese, my mother tongue. And also during this time I realised that I have been neglecting my mother tongue and Japanese studies. And where else can I find a better place to pen down my thoughts and practise my languages than my blog?

And talking about Japanese studies... I'm on a little project to finish a Japanese novel. For someone who has difficulty finishing an English novel, this will be a tough one... 2 pages last night and I turned to Olympics channel... At this rate I might be able to finish the book before X'mas...

Btw, anyone noticed all the girls standing beside the podium during the medal presentation during the Olympics? Yeap a population of 1.3 billion its really easy to find thousands of those girls who can easily win the Miss HK crown...


我们来说一说手提电话吧! 在十几年前手提电话就开始渐渐的环绕着我们的生活. 回想起来以前的世界是那么的安静多了. 现在想找个安静的地方喝一下下午茶都很难. 噪音的污染已经让很多人无法呼吸... 如今很多手提电话已经备有多有用的配备, 例如摄影机和MP3播放机的功能. 连铃声都能放一些好的音乐. 问题出在一些杂碎, 专放一些鬼叫歌, 造成更多的噪音. 去死吧 香蕉!

写了一大堆, 我到底想写些什么? 您可曾想过流动电话为何在各个角落都能接收到电波? 我们现在生活在一个电波世界. 什么3G, WIFI, 蓝牙都运用着某些电波来传达资料. 而我们也无时无刻在无意识的情况下吸收了这些电波. 听大家说他们的头痛越来越多, 会不会更这些电波有关能? 还是我们作的运动少? 那我们作的运动少也有可能是因为手提电话带给我们方便, 让我们少走一些路不是吗?

话说回来... 如果明天有人证实了这些电波会造成脑癌, 人类会不会就这样把手提电话给丢了呢? 我想大概没可能吧... 我们的祖先为了一口饭拼命打工. 我们这一带却可能为了电话而不要命! 真是可悲呀... 我会如何? 我大概会搬出市区, 设置有线电话与宽频网络和设计一个能挡住电波的头盔吧~ (苦笑)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008





Monday, August 11, 2008


在我们的一生里难免会遇上一些挫折. 如何去面对这些挫折往往说的容易做的难. 如果是自己的失败我无话可说, 连专业技术人员都无法防御的机械/软件问题摆在我头上我真的是死不冥目. 让一些无用的杂碎侮辱一番更让我无法忍受下去. 是不是刻意要针对我? 我不知道. 是工作不顺利? 一点都不关我事. 我的工作也有不顺利的时候. 抱着不愉快来工作对自己对大家都没有好处.

这种对待也不是第一次. 服兵役的时候也有被人摆一刀的经验...不, 是千刀乱斩过来. 那时我也不是这么过吗... 这次我已不是一个小喽喽, 日子也常有远在日本的大老板撑着... 那为何我会这么不快乐呢? 我想大部分原因可能是因为我已经对这个城市没有好感, 每天都拖着自己的身体来上班. 对我来说香港只适合旅游不适于长居. 3年在香港, 住在一个狗屋, 朋友又没几个, 家人远在新加坡. 日日面临这种空气我也不舍得把家人叫过来.

妈妈也老了, 乾爹也老了. 我应该多陪在他们身边. 我和众多亲朋好友的3年记忆就这样不见了... 这3年里我见到我妈妈几次,坐下来数应该数得到. 姪儿的2岁生日我没可能再参加. 孩子们的表演我也只能听他人述说. 人生短短几十年,辛辛苦苦把自己绑在这里真的是对不起自己一生啊~

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My 9th of August in HK

First day of action for Beijing Olympics and 43rd National Day for Singapore. Special day for me because this will be the first time I celebrate in HK with fellow Singaporeans. But before that I got to get a haircut and source for a new place to stay. Haircut at Olympic City, costing HKD120 (and I get a coupon of HKD100 in return) made me look like anyone of those young storeman straight out of school...

After haircut and a short lunch, we made our way to Harbourview Horizon in Hung Hom. Published price was around HKD9990. Probably less than 10 units out of the thousands they have there. The rest cost between 14k to 17k. Kind of out of our budget. The place is also kind of out of the way. Perhaps instead of 6 months we may want to pamper ourselves and stay for 1-2 months at The Harbourview Place instead? Maybe... maybe not~ The actual price tag may blow us away~

The NDP dinner, organised by the Singapore Association in HK, was held at Satay Inn. Singaporean favourites like Hainan chicken rice, laksa, gado gado and satay were laid out in a buffet spread. Met some fellow Singaporeans who have been staying in HK for 12 to 22 years. I can never imagine myself staying here for so long... not without my family and friends around. Managed a good 5 minutes' worth of conversation with the Consulate General as well.

The parade was shown live on 2 LCD TVs and a big projector screen for all to enjoy. Cannot compare to the multi-million dollar opening of the Olympics. Love the new national song, Shine for Singapore, sung by Hady Mirza. The fireworks display was fantastic. A pity I cannot make it to the event itself but watching it on TV, singing the national anthem with fellow Singaporeans and watching the 8-minute fireworks display was good enough... for now...


Friday, August 8, 2008

Grand opening~

The opening ceremony, masterfully produced by Zhang Yimou, was a work of art. With the vast resources and manpower, Zhang created yet another masterpiece to add to his ever impressive portfolio. The clever use of Chinese history and the consistent theme help Zhang set a new benchmark in the opening game. Who knows what he will deliver for the closing ceremony...

Here in HK, things are not so cheerful though. A suspicious object was detonated in Causeway Bay MTR station. Real bomb or true hoax? One may never know but this is part of China after all and the horsey events are going to be held right here in the land of Wednesday night punters~ I guess its going to be a month of sleepless nights for the Chief Exec and the top brass in the security forces~

Funny that just this morning I heard through S that a Japanese colleague who stays in Causeway Bay told her not to visit Lan Kwai Fong tonight because its a high-risk area. How ironic that they find the bomb in Causeway Bay...

Now let's hope the games will deliver the action~ I'll be following the Redeem Team (U.S. Basketball), Mascherano (Argentine Soccer), the Lion events (any event with a Singaporean) and any events with sexy, cute, pretty babes~ ;)

Go Lions~


Another suspicious object found in Sheung Wan, not too far from Lan Kwai Fong... I don't think anyone would want to bother with us poor people living this side of the SAR...

National Day!

Singapore's National Day tomorrow. Massive big deal for me! Today's the opening day for Breaktalk and Toastbox as well so I decided to treat all my staff to kaya toast and drink for afternoon tea~ I think I'm the only manager in this company who treats his staff because of National Day. People probably think I'm crazy... but then again... I'm really acting crazy these days~

Going to cut my hair tonight, have dinner and then stumble my way home to watch the opening of the Olympics. Tomorrow night I will have dinner with fellow Singaporeans and watch the NDP parade at a satay place. Watching the parade on Channelnewsasia, eating satay and talking to Singaporeans... should be a good 9th of August~

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pollution Backdraft?

Read the Standard this morning and stumbled upon a column writing about the pollution in Beijing and HK. The air is cleaner (doesn't mean it is clean by any standards) because of the measures taken by the Chinese government. At the expense of factory production in their entirety, 50% cars gathering some of the dust from the atmosphere and relocation of heavy-polluting industries out of the capital city.

So what happens in September? Factories working triple shifts to overcome backlog orders and 120% cars on the road (Trucks working overtime to transport the output from the factories). I wouldn't want to be in Beijing come mid-September. If forced to go, I may get one of those facemask worn by the American cycling team...

The storm before the calm?

The storm came at a bad time... I had sick leave for yesterday and today. I should have gotten it for today and tomorrow. But one can never predict the future, can one? The hand is so much better now thanks to the painkillers and lotion prescribed by the doctor.

So what did I do yesterday? Practically nothing much except checking out the status of the storm throughout the day while playing some downloaded games on my PS3. That's what you do when you are trying to save money~ download download download~ LEGALLY! I played Armored Core (Not interesting at all), GTA IV (20 minutes just to get my wanted level to 5 stars... How can I get 6 stars???) and Monsters by PixelJunk. Monsters is a simple game whereby you try to build towers to defend against waves of monsters who will eat your little creatures. Its pretty addictive and works your brain quite a little.

In the evening we went out for a function in LKF. At least we thought the function was still on since the signal 8 warning was lowered at around 5pm. Should have called. In the end we were met with a doorsign which told us that the event was postponed. Made our way to Yung Kee, a famous roasted goose restaurant nearby. Very nice goose, very nice wanton noodles. Definitely want to bring uncle there in November.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Last living moments of the red cray...

The last red crayfish died while moulting in the middle of the night. The body and legs came off rather well but the claws were stuck in the moult. When I checked back first thing this morning I realised that it was not moving anymore... I'm left with just 1 cray, the blue monster...

I love HK... NOT!

Bloodsucking !@#$%^ place! Annual fee for ATM card? And then suddenly a surcharge of HKD180/mth for not reaching HKD500,000 even though I've been using them for more than a year? What kind of bloodsucking place is this? I rather have all the fees written down in front of me before I get suckered into another cheap deal.

Note to friends : When you book an airline deal in HK, please check for weekend surcharges and other special charges. So don't be deceived by bargains you see in the papers and declare that HK is a cheaper place. I'm sure such surcharges are there in SG as well, but don't presume its not implemented in HK as well.

Even the typhoons are not living up to my expectations...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Typhoon again...

Another possible typhoon headed this way. Right on target this time around. Let's hope this develops into a full-fledged typhoon. 8am on the 6th of August. Let's hope it stays like this till 2pm of the 6th.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Movie Review - The Mummy 3

Just back from movie at Festival walk. First the damages. HKD65 for each ticket + HKD6 for each booking online. Easily S$11+ per ticket. And if I don't book online I don't think I can watch any movie without getting a neckache during this summer vacation. It seems like everyone is rushing to the cinema for a movie. Are there people watching 2-3 shows a day? Isn't there any other thing to do in HK?... Oh yeah there's hardly any...

The show was spoiled the moment I saw the leading actress. Not the 2 Asian ladies, they were the nicer things on screen. I suspect the lead actress, Eve or Eva (Wall-E?), isn't the same actress from the previous 2 shows. A real pity. I hate this new lead.

Lots of fighting, zombies, special EFX and at one point I thought I was watching some HK flick when Michelle Yeoh and Jet Li were fighting. Its really a no-brainer flick. Perfect for washing the memories of a rotten week away.

My ratings : 4 stars
Not a great show but at least it kept me entertained throughout. Great collaboration of East kungfu and West cinematics.


Despite all my efforts, the software is still giving me problems. If it fails again tonight I will probably take it or the anti-virus program out of service first. I suppose the software wasn't meant for windows 2000 server.

Still don't feel very happy. The ghost of yesterday still hangs over me, lingering like the light haze covering HK. The episode yesterday absolutely destroyed any desire left in me to leave a good legacy before I leave this place. Perhaps this period of depression will pass... perhaps~ Right hand still feeling painful as hell. Probably need to get my bones scanned. Typing is hell. Still cannot understand why I wanted to bring myself to golf last night.

Finally realised what exactly pushed me over the edge yesterday. Scorn and all I've heard them before but they were from people in my HQ. People who are professionals in what they do (They will fail in an IT manager role like the a-holes they are because they are only good in 1 field. I have to take care of every field). Yesterday? I was virtually interrogated by 2 arsepunks who cannot even do their own jobs well. I think I was purposely targeted since 1) my position is lower than them and 2) apart from my boss I'm the only Japanese speaker in my team. The a-holes didn't dare to touch my boss, and so I get it.

Another factor must be the fact that I cannot just leave my job now. I still haven't gotten the loan for my new apartment. Sitting in a company with no future yet I must sit there until the time is up... doesn't that sound like jail to anyone? And I'm not even kept in solitary confinement but kept in a cell full of idiots. And getting sodomised by idiots! Wow! I should try to make a movie out of all these... but wait... no one watches HK movies anymore!

Stupid things to do...

1. Getting all worked up because felt insulted by IT idiots (President and Admin GM)

2. Punching a solid wall and not making a hole (instead cracking my bones)

3. Playing golf at the range with a smashed-up right hand (guess handicap wasn't meant to be used this way...)

Control my temper... control my temper...

Friday, August 1, 2008

A-hole organisation

How many people out there has an Exchange 2007 server in their organization? Can you tell me how long it takes for you to resolve a service which needs twitching with the registry? (Trust me I only know of the registry solution after the engineer resolved the problem).

If something goes wrong and you cannot fix it, you contact the engineer. The engineer arrives and started checking but unfortunately work brought you to within sight of the office President. He summons you over and ask why there's no backup e-mail server. "Because its very expensive" (and knowing this organisation, getting budget for Exchange 2007 was already an achievement)

President shrugs off and ask why the problem was not solved. It was 9:50+am and everyone have already began to miss their e-mails. Scornfully he told me that this is the time to GANBARU. And told me to report back with estimate of when the job will be done. I walked over to the server room and asked the engineer, "So how long?"

Engineer : "No idea. 1 patch at a time."

So how am I going to report? Someone told me that the Japanese don't like "don't know" because they are Japanese. But I didn't say "don't know", I said the engineers arrived and are checking. And if anything, I should be reporting to my immediate boss and not them! Just because he is Sales President means he is the biggest?

In this crap place I get no credits for whatever I do. Everything goes to my bosses. Sample warehouse? Nicely done! Trust me not many people know how much work I did there. Warehouse? No one care if I made anything happen. It just so happens I also have a "Logistics" with my title so everything is my business. However when shit hits the fan, people will figure out that I was involved.

And I cannot help but admire how these Japaneses behave when they approach my boss. They squirm and bow like dogs, even the President. But when they talk to me they talk like they are king of the world. "You scum! You're wrong and I'm right!"

But they're right. I'm just a lowlife scum. I'm just a manager who do all ground-level stuffs, approve a few leaves and absorb whatever shit which comes my way. Credit? No thanks~ I'm leaving here anyway so its no big deal~ But if you a-holes have any guts please direct your unhappiness to my boss and not at me. I'm not at your level. Thank you very much~

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