Monday, September 9, 2019

KOMA Singapore - Food Review

We made our way over to KOMA Singapore on a Friday evening so see what the hype is all about. Located right next to Marquee, it can be easily identified by a row of Torii (Japanese Gate) at its entrance... Walking through the Torii is like going through a teleportation device and once you get through to the other side the first thing you will see is the bar... and the giant bell hanging behind it!

On both sides of the bar will be the pathway leading into the main dining area. I can't help but feel that it was recreated from a scene in Big Trouble in Little China. (If you don't know that show, go watch it!). The lily-pad panels and lanterns lining the tall ceiling gives you an idea how much thought has been put into the design of the restaurant.

As for the food, Koma serves a decent spread of largely izakaya food at fine dining prices (Menu). The cocktails are priced at S$22 and they were nice and fairly strong~

SATSUMA IMO SOUR - Maker’s Mark, purple potato purée, Cointreau, pineapple juice

SHEARES IN LOVE - Botanist Gin, lychee purée, strawberry, lemon

For starters we had the Miso-glazed Eggplant (S$16), Oysters on the Half-shell (S$24) and Wagyu Beef Gyoza (S$26). The eggplant had cheese in it, and it complimented the slightly sweet miso taste really well. The oysters... were oysters... I wished they gave us 2 pieces of fat Hiroshima oysters instead of the 5 skinny ones we'd gotten~ But the Wagyu Beef Gyoza, I liked those and wouldn't mind having another serving~

MISO GLAZED EGGPLANT - sesame, sweet miso


WAGYU BEEF GYOZA - chilli sauce
All the photos on Instagram were about the KOMA's Maki creations and so we chose the Surf & Turf Maki (S$58) which was supposed to contain Wagyu Beef, Hokkaido Uni, Caviar and Truffle~ I couldn't really tell if there was wagyu beef but it definitely had a strong truffle kick to it. Recommended to just put an entire piece into your mouth and let me know your thoughts!

SURF & TURF - Wagyu beef, Hokkaido uni, caviar, truffle

Boomz in your mouth!
We finished the meal with a Grilled Prime Sirloin Steak (S$98). There were other Japanese Wagyu A5 steaks but they were upwards of S$225 so I chose this to see if it is worth another visit for the Wagyu~ The meat was tender and tasty enough but I'm just not sure if I will spend >$200 for a Wagyu steak in Singapore or enjoy more when we travel to Japan... hmm...

GRILLED PRIME SIRLOIN STEAK - aged, yuzu kosho butter, zucchini cucumber radish salad

We finished the meal with Bonsai (S$17), their chocolate praline dessert which was crafted to look like... a bonsai~ Everything you see in the picture can be eaten (except for the plate...). Even the "pot" which held the bonsai was made of chocolate!
BONSAI - molten dark chocolate, crunchy praline

Atmosphere was great. A dinner is not just about the food but also the whole experience. Service staff were attentive and happy to explain the food in detail.

Food was above average. I particularly enjoyed the presentation of the Bonsai.

Price is a bit on the high side and I wouldn't rush to go back unless I'm bringing important guests or someone is going to buy me dinner! (^ ^;) I guess the atmosphere, service and quality of the ingredients (just about) justified the high prices... All in all I paid around S$340 (2 alcoholic drinks).

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