Sunday, September 8, 2019

Japan Kantō Winter Drive to Mt Fuji - Part 4 (Exploring Kusatsu)

One of the key reason why we stayed at Kusatsu Onsen Hotel Village instead of beside the Yubatake was because J wanted to play with snow. The very next morning we woke up early for the buffet breakfast and walked to the snow field of the resort.

As you can see the snow field wasn't that big but we were the only people around so we were able to fool around and do funny things... I was referring to the adults! ( ^ ^;)

We played there for slightly more than an hour and already started to feel hungry (even though we had a buffet breakfast only a couple of hours ago). We picked up the car and drove to the Yubatake centre. The Yubatake in the afternoon feels very different from the night. Whereas in the winter night it gives out a mystic feel, during the day the steam from the hotspring and the snow on the roofs give it a more refreshing and lively atmosphere~

We picked a little restaurant which offered decent udon and soba with tempura~ (for a costly price!)

Obviously not full enough, we walked around and looked for more snacks to fill our stomach~

2色あんーIt's basically a steamed bun which contains red bean and mochi~

After filling our tummy it was time for more exploring around the town. We walked up a flight of stairs to find a quiet little temple...

By this time J was restless as he didn't have enough fun with the snow... I turned on my Google Maps and found Kusatsu Onsen Ski Resort. According to the map it was only less than 10 minutes away by car so we went immediately~

Once we paid the entrance fee and stepped in, J spent no time in gathering the sled and hop onto the travelator... while seated in the sled (-_-;)\

1 hour and many old broken bones later... it was our turn to complain to J that we didn't have our fill of the sights, sounds and food in Kusatsu. By this time he was totally satisfied with the amount of snow time he'd gotten so he agreed to go back to the town centre~

We parked the car back in the town centre and proceeded to walk towards Sainokawara Park (西の河原)where there's supposed to be an outdoor hotspring Sainokawara Rotenburo

The stroll in the park was nice but slippery at times~ Along the path, one can actually see the inside of the outdoor hotspring bath

J's only experience with onsen water was in the onsen ryokans so it is really fascinating for him to find hotspring water just flowing like this in the open. I think it's great for him to see the hotspring water in its very natural form, and not to learn it from Youtube some other day~

After the exploration of the park, we returned to the town centre to continue our exploration, as well as look for something for afternoon teabreak~

There was this 草津足湯カフェ which we've been eyeing for the days we've been there and we definitely wouldn't leave the place without having at least a drink there~

After a footbath and a coffee later, we continued exploring the town before it turns dark~

Back at the hotel it was time for buffet dinner~ Bring on the sashimis and the crab legs!

Kusatsu definitely has enough to offer for 1 full day. The next day we will check into another hotel in Kusatsu but I don't intend to leave that place!

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