Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do you have an Ipad for me?


Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to programming... Back to reality...

It's been some time since I've taken up a new programming language. Or even try to further my Java programming skills. I guess there's no better time than now to create something for the Android~ If things do work out I might even get myself an iMac to program for the iPhone.

I'm hoping I can create something that will earn me some monies apart from my monthly paycheck. I'm really hoping I DON'T have to rely on my monthly paycheck. There's no way I can live in a bigger house if I just sit in front of the monitor for 8 hours everyday.

Realistically speaking I ain't got the programming skills and the idea to create a winning software. But I shouldn't be wasting my time by not learning anything new. And the skills may be useful when the idea comes~

Programming is really a hobby to me so its fine if it doesn't make any money. Played with a few Android emulators and they are sluggish at best. I wonder if they depict the actual performance of an Android phone.... that will be terrible!!! Anyway I should look out for any Android phones out in the market so that I can test my applications~ Any recommendations?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Teaching creativity... and Chinese

Heard many complaints about the education system in HK and SG. Too much rote learning. Too many projects. Too little creativity. Try ゆとり教育 and we get creative kids who survive on their creativity and don't intend to work. Hmm...

There isn't a one-size-fits-all educational system. The ones in HK and SG are designed to cater to the majority of the population. Anyway how many geniuses do we have in a classroom anyway? Most of us are slaves to one corporation or another after graduation. And real geniuses will get through whatever schooling system they are put into anyway...

And then there's the question of Chinese language as a compulsory subject. Yes I must agree there are mathematical geniuses who may flop in Chinese but I think there's the NUS High School of Math and Science which will accept them. There's also the School of Sports and School of the Arts in Singapore. Kids hate Chinese language because it is tough. One can easily get away with a poorly constructed English sentence. Try a few poorly written Chinese words in a sentence!

But it leaves the question of what if the kid is lousy in 2nd language and an average performer in math and science... basically the kid just have to work harder... unless the parents can afford to send him/her to the States. Many parents say their kids perform better after escaping from HK/SG. Basically it was because Chinese language was too stressful for their kids, causing them to hate school and
end up not enjoying school life.

No shortcuts. Just got to work hard and get through it. Enjoy fruits of one's labor later in life.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Having a different perspective...

The office is a battleground. If everybody can just focus on hitting a target then this company will definitely go places. At least that is what I think. Unfortunately most people have their own agenda. Some have their own business outside their day jobs, some have their own business competing with their day jobs! Others think of ways to out-do/out-perform/out-rat others to climb to the top. Others... they simply strive to get the most by doing the least...

And then I look at the pictures from the Haitian disaster... We are only working for a living... many out there are fighting to live... Many of these earthquake victims are nothing more than statistics now. Frankly speaking if there were to be a global epidemic, we will probably be nothing more than a unit in a much bigger number.

The big internet sweep is still ongoing in China. I'm still handling paperwork until the big mama returns from her maternity leave. Really not my kind of stuff... The Chinese should stop working with company stamps. All those people are stamping on every single piece of paper for god knows what reason...

It seems like as long as there is a company stamp then everything is fine. So it doesn't mean anything to anyone if the company stamp has been forged. I can simply buy a customised stamp with a Hello Kitty mark with a company name and I can go places... no? Ok... maybe the H.K. mark will be a big giveaway... I'm sure pros out there will have better logo designs.

Been bothered by this chronic stiff neck problem. Maybe I should really look for a good chiro. He might as well take a look at my thumb, my kneecaps, my wrist, my.... .... ....

Oh well... Bowling league tonight~ Great!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A weekend of events...

Alot of interesting events over the weekend, most important to me would have been S's birthday, most important to the people of HK would have been the happenings in LegCo, and most important to the road safety of HK would have been a man peeing along the road leading to the Tsing Ma Bridge... Let's take this post in a chronological manner...

Had dinner at Olea @ Novotel Citygate. Great price good food. Tapas, pizza, soup, lamb cutlets... We had to finish the pizza at the expense of dessert, it was that good! And we get HKD30 off for each set dinner we ordered for simply being nearby residents.

Had dim sum with J at Lei Garden, Shatin. Great food decent price. After which we went for our Saturday afternoon bowling session~ Played 8 games, didn't break my thumb. Not too happy with my scores but I'd better not hasten my progress least I hurt my thumb again.

After the games, drove all the way to Happy Valley for dinner at Amigo Restaurant. 43 years and still going strong. Highly recommended place. Do make a reservation before you go. Nearly HKD1,000/person and there wasn't an empty table. Great live music, good food. Fantastic if you have a reason to celebrate and you tell them about it when you make your reservations~

On the way back we managed to catch sight of the protest/siege outside LegCo. Just alot of lights and people. Everyone knew right from the beginning that the funding (HKD66.9bn) will be passed. 66.9bn = 66,900 million = 66.9 million x HKD1k.

Of HK's approximately 4.2mil or so working population, the money will be gone if the Gov gives everyone HKD1k/month for 16 months. Will it not have the same economic effect if everyone spends that HKD1k? I don't know. But I'm quite sure that no one can confirm that the costs of the new line will not exceed HKD66.9bn.

A: "Hey we're 70% done but we've already run out of money!"

B: "Just finish the bloody line before 2047!"

A: "But it will take another HKD500bn!"

B: "Who cares~ We'll just pepper-spray them into oblivion!"

Anyway, had a bit too much to drink during dinner and it was a long drive home... So if you were in one of the 4 cars going towards Tsing Ma Bridge from Nam Wan Tunnel and you spotted a man peeing by the road shoulder, that wasn't me...

Just read this article about a woman who hacked a smoker because he gave her baby a cough with his cigarette smoke. Though I cannot condone her actions, I must say the guy deserved it. As an adult, the fellow should have had a bit of self-respect to just wait until he left the place or just step out of the unit to have a puff. I don't mind smokers as long as they keep the smoke to themselves.

One final question : What will happen to me if I knock down a traffic policeman who failed to signal before cutting into my lane? Saw one this morning. Ain't a good role model for motorcyclists in HK. They are just as bad as the taxi drivers who cut into my lane BEFORE signalling... Oh well...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bowling update...

Played my first Wednesday League in a while last night. Scores were pretty decent.


League Actual

A bit overawed in the first matchup since my opponent was hitting strikes and showing so much confidence. I just I really got to thank him for his excess confidence since he got something like a 160s in the second game. They got a substitute in (and a better player in my opinion, both in terms of skill as well as sportsmanship) for the 3rd match onwards but I've already found my form and knocked him silly in the 2 games he played.

Been playing badly since I injured my thumb. Tried all sorts of ways but they were all stop-gap measures. Finally found a comfortable release and a consistent rhythm for my 4-step approach to go with the new release. Wasn't really keen on bowling when I had my injured thumb but now I think I'm ready to go all out again!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dog farms... Dog meat...

Started my mini-investigation into why people love dog meat. Asked a colleague of mine who ever had dog meat over hotpot (no dog meat in there!) what dog meat tasted like. Mutton. Mutton with a nice aroma. Gee... I love mutton and if mutton have a nicer air around it I will adore it more! And the man was like wearing a t-shirt and a wind-breaker last night! I guess dog meat is really good for warmth?

Went online and typed in the words "dog, farm, meat". Got this website regarding Dog Farms in Korea. And 2 x reports by Animal Rights Korea regarding 1) Korea's Dog Meat situation in pdf here and 2)China's Dog Meat Trade in pdf here. Warning: Not for Dog Lovers!

Taken from ARK's report : "In 2000, around 100,000 tons – equivalent
to several million animals – was consumed by China’s 1.3 billion population."

The storekeeper that sold me the pups told me that he would gladly take back my boy for twice or even triple the price when he grows up. He said that there are many people in China who loves male adult poodles. I didn't know why... I'll be hugging my pups to bed tonight...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Absolutely gibberish...

Here goes...

The website for Resorts World Singapore is up and running : RW. So far I have had absolutely no luck in making any hotel reservations for mid-February. Turns out they are fully booked for the Chinese New Year week until 21st February within hours... Perhaps next time.... probably after Universal Studio's opening.

The HK police caught someone who might have been the person behind the acid bombs a few days ago. But is he the real culprit, one of many copycat culprits, or just an unlucky dude who decided to go upstairs for a smoke? [被捕人為大廈住客,他未能合理解釋為何會在大廈天台出現].

Today's headlines : [警員早到半分鐘 可擒廟街腐彈狂] - The police could have caught the acid terror if they were 30 seconds earlier. So the person caught earlier was really just an unlucky fellow. And how can anyone be sure that they are only 30 seconds late? And now that it is all over the news that the police will seal all staircases/entrances to buildings in affected area within ONE minute, the culprit may change strategy and leave the bottle or bottles on a ledge somewhere hoping for a strong gust of wind to knock it over, giving him/her ample time to walk away from the scene. Perhaps they should just keep their mouth shut and implement their actions...

Just realised that I missed out on many Singapore fare on my recent trip. Katong Laksa, Hokkien Prawn Mee, Fried Kway Teow, Indian Rojak, Fish Ball Mee Pok, Kueh Tu Tu, Mee Goreng... I'm really sick of this wet and cold weather... I'm glad we have a heater, otherwise we would have turned into ice in the middle of the night!

It was great sleeping out in the living room with the dogs~ Could see that they were contented little puppies. Perhaps that's the best location in the apartment to sleep in, dogs and humans alike. Read an article regarding a dog farm somewhere in China. I'm sure there are many similar farms in China, producing enough dog food for people who decide that eating dog food will warm their body up for the winter months. Richard Gere and a dog, Avatar, Robin Williams... some movies out there but no time no time!!! I really need to find time for a show this weekend...

The situation in Malaysia is doing nothing to help Islam's image in the world. Feed molotov cocktails and paint just because of a word. I love this quote from their Home Ministry the best: "Be fair, you have to compare apples to apples, oranges to oranges. Our landscape is different from other countries. Malays here are different from (Muslims in) other countries."

Basically it means non-Muslims can use "Allah" as a translation for God in other countries but in Malaysia they can't. Isn't that depriving other religions of their right to address their own God in publications? Hey why not someone come up with another word for God in Malaysia?

You can buy a landed property in Malaysia for a tenth of the price you pay in Singapore. One wonders why so many Singaporeans don't just buy a place across the causeway... or maybe they already did? Gotta ask my mum...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

There and back again... a SG-HK story...

I'm finally back in HK. Back since the 4th but been kept so busy ever since that I couldn't find the time to blog. A 6-day trip back to SG was supposed to re-energize me for the coming year of the Tiger. Unfortunately, due to some bedroom malfunction, sleeps at night were uncomfortable.

Highlights of the trip :
1) My new apartments are more or less completed. Keeping my fingers crossed for keys to the units before the Lunar New Year~

2) Actually seeing the Sky Garden at the new Marina Sands IR with my very own eyes. An impressive piece of concrete way up in the sky. Much of the city skyline has changed over the past 5 years...

3) Fireworks at the bay to welcome 2010. Not to mention the Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel, hundreds of peanuts and the floor full of nut shells~

4) Visited the showroom of a recently launched development. The penthouse of our dreams. Going to be a big gamble if we took it. Not going to fight against the Tiger... But the dream penthouse with a private jacuzzi on the top level, 3 rooms with good space and a practical layout. SGD1.47mil for a 1400+sqft freehold penthouse unit in Singapore will probably cost SGD3mil in HK (quoting a 2000sqft unit in HK, HK readers should know the reason). But I don't have the money...

5) Food, fooooood and more foooooooood! Had the best and cheapest salted egg crab and chilli crab somewhere in AMK. Something like SGD130(HKD720) for a meal that gave 5 person indigestion. Hawker food - cheaper in SG. Restaurants and sushi - stick to HK. And for a variety of Singapore local goodness I think visiting East Coast Lagoon Food Centre is a good bet.

Didn't even meet up with any of my friends... did I.... Nope~ Not a single friend. It's pretty tough to arrange for meet-ups with everyone having their own affairs and family matters to attend to. Did spend a decent amount of time with my mum though. And listen to her pains and sorrows with my siblings. It's ironic that I was the one who was given the least care and attention but eventually going to set her up nicely for old age. Life is kind of a weird thing aye...

No time for Sentosa this trip around but will probably try to book a room at the Sentosa IR on the next trip. So looking forward to the Universal Studios! I liked USJ more than Tokyo Disneyland/sea (and definitely more than Ocean Park or HK Disney). Hopefully I will like USS more than all of them...

Well here's to a good 2010~

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