Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello World~

Don't you just love the sight of those few words whenever you start learning a new programming language? I'm trying to learn programming for Facebook but its a lot tougher when you don't have your own server (or too stingy to pay for a host). Finding a decent host with all the necessary stuff to run FB applications can be tiring.

And just when I thought I've found one, I ran out of time. I've been busy over the past 2 weeks preparing presentations after presentations. A 10-page critical essay with which I have hit the wall at page 9...

Singapore beat China 3-1 in table-tennis? Why yes~ And TVB news spent the whole of 10 seconds reporting the piece. I didn't even get to see any action... but that's what you get when you are in China. Fair reporting.

Anyway saw the Food and Hygiene department going after some demonstrators? Food and hygiene... performing without a license... I guess you must give it to the HKGov for creativity...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recently... all my health troubles...

Been a few days since my last post. Since my last post, I've visited a famous Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) @ Tsing Yi (in front of Pizza Hut) for a cure to my problematic tummy. The queue at 6pm was nearly 20 people strong. It was nearly 8pm when it was my turn.

No registration at the counter required here. I told him nothing more than my name and my mobile phone number. I placed my hands on the table for the master to feel my pulse and also showed him my tongue. I thought to myself "Is he senile or what? I haven't told him my problems!" Guess what... he told me my problems!

Problem tummy. Fleeting headaches. Sore shoulders. Wow... He gave me a prescription and told me to skip the cold stuffs... *sobs*

Following the prescription I took 2 bowls of chinese medicine overnight and gotten a headache so bad I nearly fainted at work the following day. Just made it home to lie down on the bed. Anxious calls from friends and family found the answer to the cause of the near-coma. It is not uncommon for TCM to cause the headache/dizziness/drowsiness. I didn't realise the sewage-lookalike concoction of chinese herbs could have such an effect.

So how do I feel now? Tummy seems better... hopefully I can control myself and avoid the cold drinks. The headache is gone altogether so thats another good thing. Perhaps I should visit him again this coming Thursday... There wouldn't be so many people queueing up if it ain't working, no?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh my tummy!

More than a week since my trip back to SG. After the rain washes everything over there in Singapore, more often than not the sun will come through quite gloriously. Here in HK you can be assured of more gloom after the rain...

In SG, every few steps I take outdoors will be rewarded with sweat. Sweating is probably good for me. And sweat is probably good for my tummy...

Before my trip back to SG, my gastric and tummy had been giving me problems. Back in SG I ate like crazy and felt energetic. Now 2 weeks here in HK and my tummy is like giving up on me. Is it the food, the climate or the work? I have no idea but I don't like it at all...

Need to do something about this tummy...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eat all over Eastern Singapore~ Part 2

Day 4
Saturday was the day I were to bring a few paintings for re-framing. Reached Katong and the shop was closed. Drove to Joo Chiat and the shop wouldn't open till an hour later. Off we went for Beach Road Prawn Mee in Katong. Why its still called Beach Road Prawn Mee when its in Katong? Well many establishments tend to name their shop after the street they started with and bring it around so that hopefully their customers will remember and follow them.

We went to get the paintings framed after the meal before going home. After a short rest off we went to Parkway and Kallang Park for more errands. Late noon was spent in the pool. I love the pool. It's really a joy to swim in Singapore, especially after finishing the errands. Then I brought D to play basketball at the nearby C.C. My childhood playground and here I am again~

Dinner was prepared on one floor and pushed to another floor on a trolley. I'm very happy with the dining table which can be extended from 1.4 metres to 1.8 metres or even 2.2 metres. We had the table at 1.8 metres and 8 of us managed to sit quite comfortably. Hopefully I will be able to open it up till 2.2 metres and seat everyone together for a good reunion dinner next year...

After dinner time was split between the 2 floors trying to squeeze as much family time in as possible. And soon it was time for supper at the prata joint downstairs~ More prata and teh tarik before we turn in for the night~

Day 5
Sunday morning~ Where do we go for breakfast? Katong Laksa! Throw in a few otak to go with it~

After a glorious meal, took a walk further down towards Still Road where we can find quite a few pre-war shophouses. This area is also famous for Peranakan food. We promptly made a reservation for dinner.

After walking around the new place looking at a few new apartments, we went back to the swimming pool for more action under the water. Managed to take a few shots underwater with the Sony TX5. Pretty impressive little camera.

Washed up and went back to Katong for our Peranakan dinner. SGD90 for a party of 7. Surprisingly it wasn't as spicy as I first thought. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the meal.

Ended up at Joo Chiat Complex trying to get a table cloth for my long dining table but ended up with cushions for the entertainment room.

Day 6

Woke up early for our appointment in Mt E Hospital. Its always sunny in Singapore...

After the hospital stuff were dealt with I finally have a chance to visit Ion Orchard. Took me less than 5 minutes to leave that place... felt too much like any mall in HK.

I preferred to have a nice local meal at Old Airport Road again. Had a great big bowl of wanton noodle($4) and Fried Kway Teow again.

Went back home, settled a few stuffs before we started the dreaded trip back to HK... I love the idea of having trees in the airport and an outdoor smoking area instead of a room within the building.

Hours later we were back in HK... Well... at least we were happy to see the pups!

Eat all over Eastern Singapore~ Part 1

Was back in Singapore for 5 nights. Had alot to eat thanks to the location of our new place. No further than a few minutes' drive in any direction will bring you to a famous eatery or a hawker centre. But this trip was not all about eating. The primary goals were a medical checkup and finishing up the apartments.

Day 1
Reached Singapore in the evening. 10 minutes on the taxi and its home sweet home~ Spent good time exploring the 2 new places and also agonising over some of the mistakes made by the contractors... *fumes*

Day 2
Commonwealth Hawker Centre in the morning for a nice cup of teh tarik and economical bee hoon. Had to queue up for kopi. Had my hair cut before going to Ikea for some shopping and lunch with Hanz. Then off to Robinsons @ Centrepoint for some bedsheets before we go home. After dinner went down to Kallang Park to buy some electrical appliances like fans and an oven, then to Parkway Parade to see if we can get some PC stuffs like a printer and PCs. To cap the day off was a nice cup of teh tarik and roti prata downstairs~ *thumbs up*

Day 3
Waiting for the contractor to arrive... wait and wait... went nearby to visit a friend's mother. She made dinner for me when I was left on my own during my primary school days. I'm a bit ashamed of myself... ashamed that I took so long to visit her again. Her husband has been bedridden for the past year or so. I could see his legs from outside the door and they were as thin as bamboo poles. I declined her invitation to sit inside and hastened to leave after chatting with her at the door for around 10 minutes.

After that went down to get some kway chap... had kway chap at home...
Contractor still not here... *ANGRY* Finally came and we went to check out some sofas. Spent good money on an Italian sofa. It'd better be good else I'll be biting a certain contractor! Off to Toa Payoh to get some textbooks, AMK for a PS3, Courts @ Tampines for computer stuffs. Went home and fetch the family to Old Airport Hawker Centre for dinner. Fried Kway Teow, Fried Prawn Noodle, Satay, Sambal Stingray, Clams, Chicken Wings, Sugar Cane Juice... Off to Kallang to retrieve a glass tray for the oven. Everyone slept in the entertainment glass room for the night.

Day 4-6 coming up in the next post...

Another trip... nearly another buy...

Nearly is the keyword here. S$704k for a 517sqft freehold apartment on the 16th storey with cityview and seaview. Works out to approx SGD1361psf/HKD7500psf. The development, slated for completion in 2013, is just outside an area designated for low-rise developements (5-storeys max.) so it has a guaranteed view of the city skyline. And you get a parking lot as well.

I bought my apartments at SGD660psf(end 2006) and SGD820psf(mid 2009). Asking prices for apartments in the same district are going for SGD1100 to SGD1400.

A similar 504sqft leasehold apartment in a Kowloon district sells for HKD2.6m. Works out to HKD5158psf. After deducting the invisible spaces you will get approximately 380sqft. Now that changes the psf rate to HKD6842. HKD7500psf for a freehold apartment w/ carpark in SG VS HKD6842 for a leasehold property in HK... Seems like SG properties are really catching up with HK properties...

We would have tied all our remaining cash to the property if we went ahead with the deal. Great if we can flip it for a profit immediately, disaster if a Lehman Pt 2 were to strike... Nearly took out the chequebook to place the 5% downpayment for the apartment. And then on the very night divine intervention stopped us in our tracks. Talk about a timely intervention...

I might regret this in 3 years...

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