Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eat all over Eastern Singapore~ Part 1

Was back in Singapore for 5 nights. Had alot to eat thanks to the location of our new place. No further than a few minutes' drive in any direction will bring you to a famous eatery or a hawker centre. But this trip was not all about eating. The primary goals were a medical checkup and finishing up the apartments.

Day 1
Reached Singapore in the evening. 10 minutes on the taxi and its home sweet home~ Spent good time exploring the 2 new places and also agonising over some of the mistakes made by the contractors... *fumes*

Day 2
Commonwealth Hawker Centre in the morning for a nice cup of teh tarik and economical bee hoon. Had to queue up for kopi. Had my hair cut before going to Ikea for some shopping and lunch with Hanz. Then off to Robinsons @ Centrepoint for some bedsheets before we go home. After dinner went down to Kallang Park to buy some electrical appliances like fans and an oven, then to Parkway Parade to see if we can get some PC stuffs like a printer and PCs. To cap the day off was a nice cup of teh tarik and roti prata downstairs~ *thumbs up*

Day 3
Waiting for the contractor to arrive... wait and wait... went nearby to visit a friend's mother. She made dinner for me when I was left on my own during my primary school days. I'm a bit ashamed of myself... ashamed that I took so long to visit her again. Her husband has been bedridden for the past year or so. I could see his legs from outside the door and they were as thin as bamboo poles. I declined her invitation to sit inside and hastened to leave after chatting with her at the door for around 10 minutes.

After that went down to get some kway chap... had kway chap at home...
Contractor still not here... *ANGRY* Finally came and we went to check out some sofas. Spent good money on an Italian sofa. It'd better be good else I'll be biting a certain contractor! Off to Toa Payoh to get some textbooks, AMK for a PS3, Courts @ Tampines for computer stuffs. Went home and fetch the family to Old Airport Hawker Centre for dinner. Fried Kway Teow, Fried Prawn Noodle, Satay, Sambal Stingray, Clams, Chicken Wings, Sugar Cane Juice... Off to Kallang to retrieve a glass tray for the oven. Everyone slept in the entertainment glass room for the night.

Day 4-6 coming up in the next post...

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