Saturday, March 12, 2011

Days of Fatherhood...

First week of fatherhood. Can't say I was totally unprepared for this... I once had an offshore exercise with the army which reaped a total of 8 hours sleep. I had more than that amount of sleep this week. But army had hundreds or even thousands of men having a few objectives whereas parenthood is one small heavy-duty tear-packed objective with only the 2 of us. So you can understand the pressure...

A typical day starts something like this. After a sleepless night, we wake Baby J up for a round of feeding (more like him waking us up). My mum will give him a bath soon after before rubbing him all over with cream and lotion. I fix breakfast and the miss us herself gets fed before she goes for her jamu massage session. The rest of the day involves more feeding, baby and adults. My Mother-in-law cooks lunch and dinner.

It's at night that the struggle comes. On one night he was crying for feed after every hour. Mrs WD is the greatest as she stays up all night feeding little J. I am summoned as and when she cannot take it and I must try to carry him and try to soothe him to slumberland. Well... I can't really say if our days are shorter or longer now. Before Baby J we spent time doing very little except watching TV and keeping her comfortable. Nowadays the day zooms by, us tired by the end of the day and still accomplishes nothing much. Definitely more rewarding though.

As I look at this precious kid of mine, my heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones in Japan. I have a fair number of friend in Tokyo and Chiba and I hope they are fine. The Singapore civil defense force is on their way, some having just returned fromM last week. Once again be safe, make us proud and God speed~

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