Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Marine Bowl... some similarity... and some differences...

Marine Bowl starts looking and feeling alot like Mei Foo Bowling World. We start knowing people from the pro-shop, the people behind the counter and other regular bowlers. I also know a few other people from the bowling coaching course I attended in May this year. Then there's also the drinks stall from which we get our sandwiches, mee siam and teh~ The nightly leagues also mean that we have to wait till they finishes before we get a chance to hit the better lanes (Avoid lanes 17-28 if you are a serious bowler).

Differences. Walk out of Marine Bowl we get the beach, eateries (but there's a HK cafe which is quite ok) and spacious carparks. The air-conditioning can be cold at times but once I try to recall the situation in Mei Foo, I just brush it aside. Pwah~ The aircon unit in Mei Foo can practically turn one into a popsicle! And of course there's the full-fledged Chinese restaurant in Mei Foo which means we could have our dinner while watching people play!

End of the day the differences are not important. I'm just really glad that I've found a place which I really like and not too far away from home. The next nearest place will have to be Chinese Swimming Club but I have absolutely no idea how to get myself a membership card... In any case I'm not thinking of that until I get a job so...

I'm still looking for a big venture capitalist who is willing to pump some money into revamping Marine Bowl and the place next to it~ So much potential so much wasted rental revenue!~ Anyone?

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