Thursday, March 15, 2012

Singapore Zoo Excursion

Given I have been working for 3 Sundays, and going to work this entire weekend, I thought I should take a day off and bring the family to the Singapore Zoological Gardens. Having heard this, my nephew A decided he wanted to tag along as well! So the plan was for us to bring the big son, small son and their cousin A to the zoo this morning. But alas the sky opened and its been raining since morning. 

In the end we decided to take our chances with ponchos and umbrellas. When I called my sister she sounded relieved that we've decided to carry on with the trip as A was throwing a tantrum because of the cancelled trip. I told her we would go fetch A once we were ready, but in the end they were at my doorsteps 15 minutes later (I must add they stay like 5 minutes away). All packed and ready (lots of things when you have a baby) we started the long drive to Mandai~

30 minutes later we arrived at the zoo. We had some kaya toasts, eggs and hot drinks before I bought the tickets for the entrance. Equipped with a pram and some ponchos, we started our journey in the zoo~~

Ticketing Counter

Map of the zoo

Within minutes we realised it wasn't the best day to visit the zoo. The animals themselves were hiding from the rain while stupid humans like us were doing our best to keep dry under our ponchos or raincoats while looking high and low among the trees for the animals. We decided we were going to lose this game of hide-and-seek so off to the animal show after we visited the white tigers. 

The animal show

Some monkey climbing on a vine over the audience

The animal show was a bit disappointing for me. I thought there were going to be more actions and animals gracing the stage. I guess its a zoo and not a circus. After the show we followed the recommended itinery and followed the feeding trail. We saw the feeding for the white rhinos, cheetahs and lions among others. Compared to sunny days when the animals would take their food back under the shade, the rainy day actually made the air cool enough that they actually just eat out in the open. 1 positive point for the rainy day~~ Along the way we also saw a new area being developed for future exhibits like the pandas and a river safari. That means another trip here next year!

New panda enclosure coming soon!

White rhinos getting their afternoon feed

Up close with the cheetahs

The cheetahs getting their chicken meat

The lions looked so magnificent!
Enough feeding of animals, we decided that it was time for us to get ourselves fed. Also a good way to get out of the rain. The restaurant in the middle of the zoo offered a decent fare with chicken rice, fish and chips, noodles and other snacks. Initially I thought I would like a roasted chicken leg or something to that extent but in the end I opted for the chicken rice. The rest of the crew had the fried stuffs. Not a usual day I tell you.

Lunch was quite ok for me~~

Chicken rice for me. Fried food for the rest~ Not a common scene!
After the meal we continued our journey around the park with the KidzWorld in our mind. We took the tram  and alighted near the KidzWorld. We walked towards this area where they have an enclosure which is like one giant cage where one can walk in while the bats and flying animals would be all over you. The few of us guys/boys decided against going in while my missus wanted to go in. My big son said something about flying cockroaches and disaster was averted~~ *pat on his back*

Baby J in front of 2 roaming monkeys
The KidzWorld changed quite a bit since my last visit. There used be more than just rabbits, ponies, goats, water park and KFC. I remembered guinea pigs, chickens, ducks and some other farm animals as well. Maybe its the bird flu that some of the fowls were taken out but still there were many other animals I wished were there. J loves patting animals and I think he had a good time patting the big bunny on his lap~~

Bunnies at the KidzWorld 

J getting a feel of a bunny

Goats and more goats

A waterpark for the children. Too bad we didn't pretty swimming suits
The rest of the day we roamed about the zoo, took the tram around the zoo a few more times and saw many more animals. The rain had stopped by then but the air has been cooled to a wonderful temperature and that gave me one of my best trips to the zoo in recent memory.

Malayan Sun Bear

Manatee during feeding

A giraffe against the evening backdrop
With my work schedule and stress level at work, this trip to the zoo has been timed to perfection. Gave me a bit of time to relax my mind and take in a bit of nature. Also spent good time with my family. I hope I can do this on an annual basis with my family... hopefully I will get to visit the panda exhibit when we next visit~~

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