Monday, January 4, 2016

Recap 2015 - Hokkaido Family Trip Day 5 - Kiroro Piano Hotel

Day 5 - Ski...

That's never going to happen~  we were so traumatized by our 1st exposure to skiing during our Seoul trip many years ago and have never found skiing interested after flying down on the icy slope many years ago.

We chose to let the kids have fun with all the slides and rides they have. J had the time of his life on the sled-bike. He was a symbol of cool as he nonchalantly sled down the slope while I was a nervous wreck as I watched him weave in and out of traffic!

Captain Cool~

Not that steep but quite a long way down (for me)

Captain Cool walking up the slope

Wife and J on the rubber tube~

J building his mini igloo

Unlikely to house a family or keep warm in this igloo...

J with his ride

Ready for another round

Eventually it was human-powered...
 J had so much fun on the snow! Initially we thought Hokkaido winter would have been too harsh for him. But he was enjoying the snow so much that till this day his favourite destination is Japan largely due to the experience he had in the snow~

J taking a much deserved nap after expending much energy on the snow~
 After spending most of the day outdoors under the harsh conditions, we went back to the room and let J have a nap. That night we went to the Izakaya restaurant in the resort. I much preferred Izakaya food than the buffet on the previous night. Nothing like a beer to cap off a fun day~

Frozen Beer!

There's no complaining about the food in Hokkaido. Every trip I go, good food is the one constant.

Next day, Otaru!

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