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Recap 2015 - Hokkaido Family Trip Day 6 - Otaru

Otaru again... *cue Winter Again from Glay*

Our 1st trip to Otaru was a cold April evening 7-8 years ago, after a day of flying, and me struck down by a terrible migraine attack. Honestly speaking my memory of Otaru was the Otaru Canal at night and nothing else~

While waiting for the scheduled hotel bus we took some photos around the Piano hotel.

Lovely snowy mountains

Hotel church where by Hokkaido natives hold their weddings?

J enjoying the snow~

Lots of snow in his hands~

He had such good memories of the place, especially the fun with the snow~
The hotel bus would bring us back to Otaruchikko JR station and from there we took the train for 1 station to reach the main Otaru Station. 1st thing we saw at the station was a store selling the famous LeTao cheesecakes. Had some in Sapporo station and it was decently good. Yet many things in Hokkaido taste good~ As we traveled along the main street from JR station to the canal we walked past many shops selling all sorts of seafood and desserts...

LeTao... sounds like 乐到 to me!

Random seafood shop selling all sorts of seafood don in the market around Otaru Station

Seafood and more seafood~

Quite expensive shop along the main street leading to the canal
 We stayed focus and got to the canal. Like a picture postcard there are many spots to take good pictures. You will have to be good with angles to take one without the crowd though. There were many buses filled with tourists from China and HK when we were there but I managed to take a few good shots with minimal human activities...

How's this for a postcard?

J cannot keep his hands off the snow... -_-;
 Destination reached. So its back to eating again!
Many such godowns have been converted to restaurants and shops.

Sushi lunch!

You can't go wrong with sushi in Hokkaido~ (unless you are allergic to seafood!)
One of the many shops in the godowns

Bear, little bear and .... bear-wannabe
After lunch we continued our stroll throughout Otaru. There were many historical buildings as well as little shops. It was an afternoon of eating and looking and eating and looking. We finished our day in Otaru with another sushi meal (lunch or dinner? I think it was afternoon tea...) but this time in a good sushi restaurant!
Hidden street with lots of snacks like crepes, softees etc

Good sushi restaurant + good price tag coming right up!


Master at work!

Ika soba - basically noodle made of strips of fresh squid

Fabulous plate of sushi~

Add caption

To be honest having 2 sushi meals within hours was a bit too much. Was it worth it? I think the 1st meal could have been a small bowl of ramen instead. But hey~ whatever's in the stomach leave it in the stomach~ What we missed we just leave it for another day~

 On our way back we went to Otaruchikko for our bus. Of course the kids were more interested in shopping at Wing Bay Otaru

We spent the new few hours shopping. I remember we spent alot of time in ABC Mart as the elder kids love shoes... Most of them have more shoes now than I ever had in my lifetime!

J showing off the Pokemon toy we bought at a random shop
A quick soba dinner at the foodcourt before we boarded the bus back to our hotel~

Next day Sapporo!

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