Sunday, June 14, 2009

High Tea @ Hyatt Regency Shatin

Woke up late yesterday before setting off for the new Hyatt hotel near University station. It's so new that one of the blocks is still not completed. Either walk up the sloping road towards the main entrance or walk towards the carpark where there's a lift to bring you up. We took the latter... easy choice there.

Walked right in without checking the price. No point asking since we've made all the way there for the high-tea. The variety wasn't fantastic but the quality was good enough. At the end of the 1hr45min(starts at 3:15pm ends at 5:00pm), we couldn't take another bite. The dessert selection with crepes, smoothies and cakes was fantastic. Fries was great... Great meal which made the trip back a bit difficult...

Around HKD200/adult and half that for a kid. Decent pricing. Best thing about it all, the place was quiet... and much cheaper than the Marriott~