Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jaundice Jaundice please go away~

Baby J praying for a fast recovery from jaundice

On Thursday we returned to the hospital for a blood test on Baby J. The results were delivered to us thru the phone after 2 hours and revealed that Baby J had a serious case of jaundice.

We were given the option of putting him up in the hospital or having a rental phototherapy unit delivered to our place. We chose the latter, partly for convenience as he is being breastfed and more importantly we couldn't bear to part with him. Also we know that the nurses in the hospital will not bother about a crying baby in the unit. Nice plan we thought but it was tougher than we initially expected...

Looks like some hibernation capsule from Aliens...

The unit was delivered early Friday and we quickly got down to strapping Baby J into the apparatus. He cried. And cried. And cried.... He cried so hard so much for so long that it broke our hearts and took him out of it after the whole of 10 minutes.

As much as possible we tried to strap him in but he just didn't like it. After each session which lasted more than an hour (because the parents cannot endure the crying anymore) his back will be red from the treatment.

We will be back in the hospital labs for another round of testing. Hopefully Baby J will pass this time round so that there will be less suffering.... for us!

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Joyce Lau said...

Don't worry, White Dusk Red. My little niece, who is 4 months now, had jaundice, too, when she first came home. And she's fine now.
Good for your wife for breastfeeding. Some women can't for medical reasons. But many others in Hong Kong don't simply because it's seen as old-fashioned and inconvenient. But I think breastfeeding is much more natural. I think just about all the babies in our family are breastfed.
Best of luck to your baby.

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