Monday, March 19, 2012

Learning Bowling in Singapore

I took the afternoon off today and went for some bowling with my ex-secondary school classmate/ basketball teammate/ bowling league teammate at Tampines Safra Orchid Bowl. It was quite a tough session as I fell twice due to the fact that the lanes we had for the first few games had a bit of sticky substance on the approach. I think my kneecap may have taken some damage. 

After my second fall we requested to shift to another lane where I was much more at ease with the lanes and managed to get better scores. In the end we played 10 games each and I must admit my body is starting to feel the strain now, not to mention the 2 falls I had... imagine falling with a bowling ball in your hands... probably damaged my ego more than my body but that was just bad luck~~

Bowling lesson conducted by Agape Academy @ Tampines Safra
Midway through our session I saw some kids coming in for bowling lessons. It was conducted by Agape Bowling Academy. Kids these days are so fortunate! Quite a number of them had the entire bowling gear with balls/shoes/etc. And the coaches were very professional. I can't help but admit feeling a bit jealous of the opportunities the young kids have these days. I been through the coaching course myself so I'm pretty sure they are in good hands.

If you wish to learn bowling, the best way will be to look for a coach or an academy. I know of 2 academies in Singapore. Apart from Agape Bowling Academy there is also Strike Academy. Alternatively you can walk into the pro-shop at the bowling alley and they will recommend someone or they themselves will be able to coach you. I guess bowling coaches just love to be in and around pro-shops... or people who love to hang out in pro-shops just happen to take up bowling coaching courses~~ In any case I'm one of them~ (^-^)v

Just today someone called me up to take up a bowling stint for 4 Tuesdays. Unfortunately the timing clashes with my day job... Sighz... I really really wanted to take up the offer but its on a Tuesday. Any day other than Tuesday would have been great....

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Nath said...

ahahaha next time bowling with you bu so far only bowling @ Kallang during my stay @ Singapore

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