Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Recap : February 2012

Super happening month of February. Brought Baby J to HK. Mummy got a company dinner function. I got the Beta Gamma Sigma induction ceremony in HKUST. Just the perfect opportunity to let everyone in HK take a good look at J~

Early morning flight to HK...
It was during this trip to HK that we realized our decision to relocate back to SG was correct. As we put up at the Marco Polo Gateway hotel, we had to walk past hordes of smokers to get anywhere. The same at the ferry terminal. The same in front of the hotel. The same as long as we were walking outdoors or along the streets. 

The hell that was TST... too many smokers!
Basically Mummy gotta show up in the office so I had alot of quality time one-to-one with J. I fed him, put him to sleep and brought him places. But all he wanted was to play in the room. Once we get out of the hotel he will sit tightly in his pram and not move an inch. Even when I pry him away from his throne he will throw a tantrum which will only stop when I put him snugly back into his seat. So alot of pram-pushing for me (not to mention the whole carrying part with some inaccessible areas). We also witnessed a Chinese kid peeing right in front of Harbour City. Classic~ So many updates from my friends about HK being a huge toilet and in just 4 days I managed to catch 2 instances of public urinals~

Managed to catch up with my closest HKUST classmates on a Friday evening and we all had a great time catching up. Everyone loved to play with J and we proceeded to my hotel room even after our dinner.

Baby J visits HKUST~
Saturday morning we went to HKUST for the Beta Gamma Sigma induction ceremony. Honestly speaking I've never heard of this honor society until HKUST sent me the invitation. I guess no harm joining. One day it might come in handy when the boss of Maxim or some other big shots in HK realise we have something in common~

February also saw my return to league bowling. Definitely rusty due to work commitments but I bit the bullet and went ahead. Needless to say my first few games were crap~ New bowling balls didn't help my cause~ But the season is long and I'm sure I will improve... provided I have the opportunity to improve. Because I also started by golf lessons at Asian Golf Institute.

Life with Baby J, bowling, golf and plotting how to earn more money, buying a bigger house and replacing the car takes up all 24 hours of my life! Every moment of my life is important because we never know when we will sleep and not wake up.

A friend of mine passed away in his sleep on a Thursday morning. All I know is he has been working on this project for his company and has been working hard. Even a day before he passed away he was updating his FB wall on how the project may go either way, glory for all involved or crash-and-burn. Little did any of us know that would have been his last transmission. Subsequently it was his elder sister who has been updating his FB wall with what little information we all had of how he passed on. Even till today we still have no idea what killed him...

Should we let our job dictate how we live our life? Should we let it kill us? Did the job kill him or did he let his job kill him? We will never know until we next meet on the other side. If I have one major regret this year that would have been the failure to organise a bigger gathering for the entire HKUST cohort. But given his busy schedule I doubt he would have been able to make the appointment anyway... or maybe he could? I will never know... He left behind a lasting memory of a friend who always have a smile~


Nomad said...

Interestingly, I love living in Hk after so many years. I had never once seen a toddler peeing in the streets here in Causeway bay where I lived. I also never had any problem with smokers. As I spoke to my fren living in Hon Hum, she had a completely different experience as what I had. I realised that living in kowloon side, is certainly very different from me living in CWB, where everthing runs like clockwork, and almost all Hk i met are civilised, well mannered and polite. Even the chinese tourists while loud and noisy, didnt exhibit any of the disgusting behaviour u pointed out.

I wonder if its because the nature of the population who lived here are of higher portion of more affluent locals which are more highly educated, thus resulting in such stark difference with other parts of Hong kong on the while

WhiteDusk said...

You may be right in your assessment there. More often than not I read your posts and compare my own experiences, and wonder if we were staying in different dimensions!

In a nutshell, if you are a Singaporean moving to HK, stay away from Kowloon. Stay on HK Island, Tung Chung or Discovery Bay!

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