Monday, March 12, 2012

Recap : January 2012

Sooner than we realised, it was January 2012. For the missus and myself it marks the end of 1 year that we have spent together in Singapore. The past several years in HK are now a blur to me. I certainly cannot remember in which particular year I took a trip to Hokkaido, or Europe or a business trip to China or Kyoto. I most certainly cannot differentiate the days and months I spent between 2007-2009 because they were mostly monotonous without anything outside of work and home. My best years in HK were the 1st, when I was kept extremely busy with work and studies, and the last, when I was kept busy with studies, bowling and a pregnant wife. 

2011 marks a significant year which saw the arrival of our little prince J. 

*Wink Wink*
The joy of being a father, the worries of being an unemployed father. A roller-coaster of a year for me 2011 was. Definitely one to remember. And of course my new job. A job till today I am not completely sure about. I'm quite sure they are sure about me since they've given me confirmation 2 months earlier than the original 6-month probation period.

The pay is nothing to shout about given the volume of work and job roles I play but then again its approximately 50% higher than my previous job in HK. Coupled with a tax system that favors child-bearing  its definitely a great deal to be back working in SG again. Doing my sums I'm getting double my pay in HK as I do no have to pay rental for a shoebox apartment anymore~

I've also been getting calls from headhunters here and there but a higher pay with frequent flying or a lower pay with less job responsibilities just doesn't cut it out for me at this stage of my life. I will give this job a real go and see where it will bring me in 1 year.

January marked a few major events. 1st is the wedding of my dear friend M. He got married to his long-time girlfriend and at the point of writing, has just donated his kidney to his wife. I wish them nothing but good health and good life with each other. And I hope and pray that this transplant means that she will be able to bear children for M, for he loves kids, pets and all living things. Our Japanese teacher K also came over from Japan to attend the wedding. Its occasions like this that brings the few of us friends back together. Work and family commitment has rendered us only friends on Facebook and WhatsApp, and not so much physically within each other.

J climbing the sofa mountain!

Then we got Chinese New Year. A 1st for Baby J. At this point of time J is capable of walking running climbing... all sorts of actions which will render us crazy~

Candlelight dinner for 2
Not forgetting my wife's birthday. I brought her to Au Jardin in the Botanical Gardens. Lovely food in a lovely place right smack in the middle of the Gardens. And at the right price for me.

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