Saturday, March 17, 2012

Singapore Food Trail

N had a booth in a flea market at the F1 Pit Building near the Flyer today so we decided to go for dinner at the Singapore Food Trail before visiting the flea market. After work I drove home to pick everyone up and took Nicoll Highway down. 

Walking towards the Flyer from its carpark
Can see the outside of the Singapore Food Trail from the bridge linking the carpark to the main building
The Food Trail, located on the 1st floor of the Flyer, has been designed to look like the street hawkers of early Singapore. The stalls looked like the pushcarts from early Singapore as well as lights that looked like street lamps. 

Stalls that looked like they time-travelled from the 70s
Can even see double yellow lines!
There were many local favourites like Fried Kway Teow, Rojak, Satay and Chicken Rice etc. In terms of quality I thought they were probably just average or slightly above average but not fantastic. And all of them probably cost 50-100% more than other places. But then again the Flyer is a tourist destination after all so the price was kind of expected. I would probably get even more variety and better food at better prices @ Old Airport Food Centre. Good to bring foreign friends. Stupid to bring family there again. Once is enough.

Clockwise from bottom : Ngoh Hiang, Popiah, Chicken Rice, Fried Oysters, Rojak, Satay Bee Hoon
After dinner we made the short walk over to the F1 Pit Building behind the Flyer. The Flea Market was held in paddock 2 - 2nd floor of the Pit Building. I heard the rent of a booth/space was close to S$60/day.

The Flea Market @ F1 Pit Building
I saw alot of teenagers manning the stalls selling clothes probably donated by their own mothers or aunts. Apart from clothes and ladies accessories all I could find was a stall selling cupcakes. Seriously nothing like the flea markets I expected. 

All ladies'/girls' stuff... 
Went home soon after and managed to catch the LionsXII match against Sarawak. Am I impressed? I'm a fan of them! Compared to the National Team they showed more grit and determination to win the match in such a hostile environment. I'm also a super fan of Shahril Ishak now. Didn't think much of him in the past and always thought he was overrated and too slow. Thank you for proving me wrong!

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