Thursday, May 12, 2016

Japan-Kansai Trip 2016 - Day 4

After Kyoto, we headed towards Rokko (六甲山) and Arima (有馬温泉). Like Shirahama, this is another destination which we never knew but added into this trip to expand our coverage of Kansai~

Rokko Station is just over an hour from Kyoto by Tokaido-Sanyo line. From there its a bus/taxi ride away to reach the Rokko Cable Car station. And from there we took the 10-minute ride to the top~

Carrying people up the mountain since 1932!

What's on top of Mt Rokko? Well...Museums and parks and a SNOW PARK!

Okay, it was an alternative way to get to Arima Onsen, but it was more because J wanted some snow on this trip and I sort of forced this into the itinerary.  Given it was Kansai, the park could only get artificial snow this time of the year. J was disappointed but that also meant that 10 runs down the slope and he was happy to get out of the place. A quick lunch within the snow park and we hopped onto the Rokko Mountain-top Bus to get to Arima Onsen~

Ropeway from Mt Rokko Station to Arima Onsen Station
 It was a long way down the ropeway but it was all greenery around us. Around 10-15 minutes later we reached the bottom and we were in Arima~ We called the hotel and they had their vehicle pick us up from the ropeway terminal.

Resident bird in the hotel

For this night we chose a hotel which cost more but had better food and hotspring 有馬温泉 角の坊 . After checking in and taking a bath at the hotspring, we decided to venture out before dinner.

Nice croquette made with Kobe beef!

Felt a bit like Kusatsu... just a bit~
 Just as it was turning dark, we rushed to get back to the hotel as it was getting really windy and cold, and dinner was doing to be served in our room.

Distance covered in one day was more than enough... next up will be Osaka~

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