Monday, March 21, 2016

Japan-Kansai Trip 2016 - Day 2

Day 1 was about recovering. The overnight flight, the shock of not bringing the Intl License and the long journey to our hotel.

Day 2 was the real start of our trip~ this trip was one which I wanted to show J some of the wonderful sights in Japan and not many places better than Nara to do that!

We started off by taking the 2+ hour train ride back the opposite direction towards Osaka. 

From Tennoji station it was a change and another 40+ minutes to Nara... Gotten ourselves the bus-pass that gives us unlimited rides on the local bus system and off we went to find our hotel. After checking in and leaving our luggage we took off to visit Todaiji

Had lunch at a soba place near Todaiji.

Then off we went to play with the roaming deers ...

Then more food...

The grandeur of Todaiji never fail to awe me. This and Kiyomizuderu are probably the 2 things I wanted to show J the most during this trip.

After Todaiji we had a few hours before the illumination display so we roamed around Nara and found ourselves some sushi!

After filling our stomach we walked towards Nara Park where a really special light show was waiting for us~

After a cold and long walk we proceeded to the bus-stop and went back to our hotel.

I felt that the one day in Nara, though short, was really wonderful and really brought us to a world filled with history, nature and mystic~ 

Next stop Kyoto!

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