Thursday, September 7, 2017

My New Force Performance Hammer Bowling Shoes! *Update*

After a couple of years, my old pair of bowling shoes is starting to show cracks and tears. I don't think it will survive another month so I went out and start looking around for a new pair of shoes.

Talked to some people, did my research online and finally decided on Men's Force Performance Shoes from Hammer

Got it on Tuesday and unboxed it immediately to try it on~

Wanted to find a suitable bowling alley to try it out before tonight's league but my schedule didn't allow me... Also chanced upon the below link from about cheap bowling options in Singapore.

But I can't wait to try out the latest Superbowl @ Tampines Safra. Can't wait!


Tried on my new shoes for the first time at league last night. 1st game, 6 frames and I was languishing with just 80+ points?!?! Promptly took my old shoes out from the box and started from frame 7. Finished game 1 with a respectable 160+. Then on it was 238-180-239.

I probably made a mistake with the slide pad. Should have gone for the #8 white microfiber slide pad instead of the #10 grey felt slide pad. More training with the new shoes required!

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