Saturday, September 9, 2017

New Bowling Alley - Superbowl Tampines @ Tampines Safra - Singapore

Finally made our way to Superbowl Tampines, which is having a $3/game for the month of September 2017. We need no further invitation to play a few games this afternoon.

It occupies the exact area where Orchid Bowl Tampines used to occupy. The only change is that half the area has been converted to a karaoke called 7th Heaven KTV and cafe.... Maybe a time when one cannot get a lane that's going to be a good plan B...

The lanes looked no different but the lighting felt a bit dim to me. Seems like a signature of superbowl lanes whereby the approach area always have a dimmer feel?

In any case, it was time to test my new Hammer shoes. I couldn't get a good slide with the 8S but it was too slippery with the 10S. Eventually I decided to use the 8S with a bit of powder. I guess it will take a while before it gets seasoned and I get accustomed to the new shoes...

I'm happy the lanes are opened... its only a 5-10 minutes' drive from my place. Distance from carpark to lift is 10 metres and from carpark to lanes another 10 metres. It's perfect if I have a need a game at 9pm~ I'm so happy!

And here is my kid getting his time on the lanes. 2 months into his lessons, he's starting to get the basis. I'm not in a rush... he's not in a rush... He's only 6~

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