Sunday, October 1, 2017

New Bowling Ball - Motiv Trident Quest

Finally gotten my hands on the new Motiv Trident Quest yesterday. This after reserving it for nearly a month, even before I've seen a video of the ball in action. I had so much fun with the original Trident, then the Jackal Ghost, that I just decided this ball will definitely be good.

As usual I head down to Eastern Pro Shop @ NSRCC as I've known the guy there since 1992 when he was at Katong Shopping (Wow I've been bowling for 25 years!).

My new Trident Quest, together Trident and Jackal Ghost (top to bottom)
I opt-ed for the same pin-down layout that is deployed on the Jackal Ghost. I find the pin-down has worked best for me after all the trial and (mostly errors). I cannot remember how many different balls and layouts I've tried in the past couple of years, not to mention the thousands of dollars in investments~

Meet the Motiv family~
After nearly 2 hours we finally completed all tasks there:
1) Drilled 2 Motiv Trident Quests (one for my wife as well)
2) Reconditioned my Motiv Jackal Ghost
3) Changed finger inserts for my wife and my Motiv Tridents

Meet the newest member of the family~ the Motiv Trident Quest
Unfortunately, by the time we were finished, we had to go home and had no time to try out the balls... but today we managed to get a lane while J was having his bowling practise @ Forte Bowl - Hougang.

Here is the Trident Quest...

And here is the "renewed" Jackal Ghost...

Comparatively, the Trident Quest gave me further length, and once the power is realised... Wow~ It was really something to behold! In fact, my very last strike today had a guy from the next lane clapping and giving me the thumbs-up~

The only half-embarrassed answer I could give was...

"It was the ball, it was the ball..."

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