Tuesday, October 31, 2017

J’s bowling journey

Its approximately 4 months ago that we decided to sign J up for bowling. We are not those parents that send their kids to all sorts of classes. We just felt that he needed to get out of the house more than just watching TV or nonsense videos on his Youtube/iPad!

i approached one of my friends who I met in Singapore Bowling Federation’s bowling course and he agreed to take on J. A good thing about him is the fact that he watched J grow up. We used to bring J to bowling alleys all over Singapore and put him in a pram while we enjoyed our games.

The video above roughly gave an idea of his level prior to any proper coaching... it was really just fun and games for him and not too much discipline. While I held a level 1 coach qualifications (and failed level 2...), I disqualified myself from teaching him bowling least I lose my temper and throw him down the lanes! Lol~

So is the tedious and important process of putting him at the foul-line, going through drills and focusing on his finishing. Sometime after 1 month his coach decided to see whether he was ready for the introduction of 4-step finishing into his training...

I would say he wasn’t that bad, but I think it’s important that he get that finishing timing become so natural to him it will be easy to extend to 4/5-step approaches in the future. And so we went back to a couple of throws at the foul-line, and then extended periods working on his slide.

This after 2 months

After 3 months...

After 4 months...

I would say I’m very happy with his improvements. He’s only 6 and he’s only had 4 months of proper coaching for 1hour/week. And then today his coach told me he got a 2nd-hand 6lb ball from one of his other students!

For my part, I’ve also invested in a Ricoh Theta SC which I’ve just gotten during my business trip to Tokyo! It’s really a toy which I’ve always wanted to buy for our family trip to Kansai Japan next month. Now it’s a toy I can use to film his bowling journey~

I can't wait to see how much he will progress in the coming months!

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