Monday, March 28, 2011

How I got into bowling...

Surfed around the internet on pages related to bowling and found the following website:

Its interesting what resources the internet can churn up. When I started bowling 20 years ago the only place for information was my bowling coach. But its hard because there would be 10-12 of us in every training session and you really only get that little time with the coach during the 2-hour sessions. After the 2-hour sessions on the lanes there will be a 1-hour theory session once in a while. The coach will impart knowledge like the physics and rules of the game as well as other pre-game preparation routines.

Its really funny how I got to get into this training session. It all started with some free bowling coaching programme offered by the now defunct Katong Bowl (Silver Bowl). After the 4 free sessions the coach asked to speak with my parents. I thought I got into trouble for concentrating on my bowling! When I brought my uncle along the coach told him that he saw some potential in me and asked if I can join his team of youth bowlers on Saturday mornings. I was interested and my uncle was supportive. And soon he bought me my first pair of bowling shoes~

First Saturday and I was already feeling depressed. I was the only one using houseball whereas the other members were all using their own equipment. 2-ball bags, gloves and the lot. I guess the coach noticed my inferior complex and talked to my uncle after the session. Soon enough I got my own ball and glove~

Things went pretty well as I raised my average from 110 to 150 in less than a year. Things could have gotten better if not for secondary school... Bowling wasn't an extra-curricular activity offered in school and I had to give it up because the Saturday trainings would have clashed with my school activities. Come to think about it I should have tried harder in making things work... Or I could have and should have pursued bowling on a personal level.

But the past is the past. I did make lots of friends and created lots of memories during my time with the basketball team and computer club. Its never too late to pursue your passion again~

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